Comic Explainer: How Memory Works

How memory works

Comic explainer: how memory works Why do we retain some memories better than others? Wes Mountain/The Conversation, CC BY-ND Jee Hyun Kim, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health We recall thousands of events and procedures every day, but what is memory? In this comic explainer, The Florey Institute’s Dr Jee Hyun Kim explains how […]

Eight Ways Social Media Turned “THEM” into “US”

More than 80% of our readers visit via a handheld device!

Does it seem like Social Media has been around forever? It’s actually only 14 years. But that’s 14 internet years which probably translates into an analogue century! Over those 14 years, social media networks have evolved from a space where people connect, to what it is now – a platform full of almost endless possibilities. […]

Entrepreneurs creating treasure from trash…

Terrible pollution of the ocean shore. An ecological disaster

ABC Science environment reporter Nick Kilvert On a single stretch of beach on Cape York Peninsula, on Australia’s north-eastern tip, volunteers spend four days collecting more than 7 tonnes of trash. The haul includes 1,000 cigarette lighters, 2,280 toothbrushes, 3,320 plastic drink bottles, 5,500 thongs (flip-flops) and miles of fishing nets. A year ago they collected […]

Healing a nation with love – a New Year Resolution

American Flag Concept With The Original 3D Character Illustration

2018 promises to be another year that challenges our collective patience and our efforts at civil discourse. It will therefore be doubly important this coming year to remember that hatred, anger, and greed are expressions of fear. The only antidote to fear is love. Yes, I know we need transformation, but… Like so many others, […]

39 quotes to get you out of bed every morning!

    OK, let’s face it! There are some days where you’d really prefer to stay in bed for an extra hour or three and then just lounge around for the rest of the day. Right? We all need and deserve days like that… they’re called rest days, not to be confused with work days! […]

Of Death and Regrets

My father-in-law died last week. He didn’t ‘pass over’ or ‘pass away’. He died. He’s dead. He’s not coming back – or at least not in a recognizable form. He was 75, touring New Zealand and suddenly collapsed and died within minutes. A good death. I can write about what he did or did not do […]

The Unhappiness Epidemic: Fun vs Contentment

The key to happiness

Most people will tell you that the world is an unhappy place… a place of sadness, dissatisfaction and even, misery. And certainly, if we consider events in Syria, Nigeria and so many other troubled areas, maybe it is. We’ve written about the Happiness Index previously. Not surprisingly, peaceful countries rank highly while war torn nations sink to […]

Are you wasting time finding happiness?

Happiness, for me, is having a close-knit, loving family – in another city. I love my family but they sometimes drive me crazy. So here I am, in the big city, doing what I love the most in my career. I also have to deal with the usual struggles of living alone. Still, I would […]

What don’t you know about your brain?

Human brain and Active receptor

There can be no questioning that you and your brain are one. If the brain dies, you are nothing. Medical advances now give us liver, lung, kidney and even heart transplant options. Replacing your lungs with a donor’s does not effect the essence of who you are. But a brain transplant – if such a […]