Drinking fluoridated water

Fluoridated water: The facts, the urban myths and the fiction!

There are few causes that can equal the controversy surrounding fluoridated water! For many years now, most of us have heard and read about...
Five Furniture Trends

5 Furniture and Design Trends to Consider When You Redecorate Your...

Furniture styles are not as short-lived as fashion trends. Choosing the right pieces can transform your entire home aesthetic for...
Boy Goes Blind on Junk Food

UK Teen Goes Blind on Junk Food

By the time the boy was 15, he had begun to lose both his hearing and his eyesight. He was not over or underweight, but was gravely malnourished.


maintenance tips

Basic Monthly Home Maintenance Tips

Owning a home is like being in a relationship. If you want to keep it going, then you should be willing to put...



Insectageddon – why cleaning your windshield has become optional!

I do a lot of driving in rural and isolated areas. I always have. Certainly not as much as a truckie but...


Clever Drawer Ideas

Clever Drawer Ideas

Drawers are a great storage system. Simply pull a drawer out and everything in it is right before your eyes. You can easily find and access...
Under the stairs...

Under the Staircase

Stand back, Harry Potter! You'll have to find another spot to kip down now that we're sharing these storage ideas! Although stairs are a practical necessity...
What do you store under your bed?

Space Efficient Bed With Storage

Do you need more storage in your bedroom, but lack the floor space for additional cabinets? The space under your bed is great for...
Magazine holders... all it takes is imagination!

Clever Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

Have you got some magazine holders at home that you don’t use anymore? They could be used in several other clever ways! Before you throw...
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