Owner Builds Indoor Tree Climb For Cat, And The Tabby Loves It

Does your cat get stuck up in the tree often? Well, why don’t you start giving your nature-loving feline this magical indoor tree climb? Your loveable fur baby can now play safer and closer to you. There’ll be no need for any ladders anymore when your cat can land freely on your carpet floor, sofa, etc. 

Produced By A Creative Three Dimensional Artist 

Made by the beautiful vision and hands of Rob Rogalski, this tree climb is only one of the few art pieces created in his life. He’s always known for his whimsical art style that has brought plenty of imagined worlds to life. They range from sculptures to puppets, and even miniature movie sets.

He even created an almost identical piece to the tree climb, but it’s functioned as a shelf for a previous young client. Such gifted visuals that shouldn’t be missed even with a piece of simple pet furniture. 

This tree climber got made over the summer for a cat parent client. It was produced right inside a friend’s house, where the total project cost around $4,000 to $4,500. Rob states that this price range is contingent on the size and extras as his creations vary from job to job. Supplies aren’t included as well and counted as different costs. 

Made With The Sturdiest Materials

The process of building this beauty begins with a wooden armature. It’s followed by shaping the tree branches and trunk itself to give off that rigid structure. Carve sheets and blocks of foam then get added after to give that realistic three-dimensional texture of nature, covered with paper pulp or particle clay mixed with heavy-duty wood glue to secure the materials in place. 

What makes this creation even more incredible is that it’s a piece of space-saving pet furniture as well. It’s got room for three levels to view from, doubled as a shelf for your household items. There’s even one generous room on the ground level where you can place your feline’s bed. 

If you or your cat happen to adore this tree climb, why not give the artist a call? 



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