What DIY Tools do You Need For Your Home Renovation Business?

Since the global pandemic hit, more homeowners have decided on doing large-scale renovations to their homes. For example, the UK has seen a 50% increase in renovation works within just two years. And it’s a similar story in many countries. This home improvement boom in the UK and elsewhere means that there is an increase […]

9 Terrific Modern Decor Ideas for Your House

Home is where the heart is! When your home looks beautiful, you feel more relaxed and at ease. Are you bored with the traditional setting of your space? Then it’s time to give it a new modern look.  The hardest part of redecorating a modern house is usually taking the first steps. With so many […]

7 Reasons You Should Always Hire Experts for Home Improvement Projects

When carrying out home improvements or repairs, it’s usually best to hire experts. Sometimes, however, you might feel that hiring someone is too expensive, will take too long, or is simply unnecessary. If you’ve ever taken shortcuts that led to more headaches and expenses in the long term, you know that hiring experts are worth […]

Nine reasons you need to get rid of your lawn!

The view from my office door

I’ve been a ‘no-lawn’ advocate for at least the last 25 years. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, why do so many millions of us get out every weekend and mow our lawns? OK, if you’ve got young children, you’re excused for […]

The Smart Approach to Renovation: 6 Benefits of Installing Smart Kitchen Appliances

Just because your kitchen serves the stomach doesn’t mean it can’t have a brain. Smart devices are all the rage in today’s totally technological world, and they’ve finally reached beyond the kitchen doors.  If you’ve been looking to give your kitchen an upgrade, trusted retailers like Goedeker’s can help with appliance package deals to make […]

Owner Builds Indoor Tree Climb For Cat, And The Tabby Loves It

Does your cat get stuck up in the tree often? Well, why don’t you start giving your nature-loving feline this magical indoor tree climb? Your loveable fur baby can now play safer and closer to you. There’ll be no need for any ladders anymore when your cat can land freely on your carpet floor, sofa, […]

Our Take on 4 Top-Rated Bug Zappers You’ll Find on Amazon

This is the season for barbecues, camping trips, and evening cocktail parties by the pool. Unfortunately, it is also the season of mosquitos and other blood-sucking bugs. Here’s our take on four top-rated outdoor bug zappers available on Amazon.