Transform Your Dining Room With Decorative Dining Table Shapes

A kitchen is a place of warmth, comfort, and practicality, so it’s essential to design it with these things in mind! From picking the ideal dining table to selecting the other furniture, it’s important to be thoughtful with your kitchen’s interior design. So, create a space that’s cozy, comfortable, and utterly practical. The kitchen can be the heart of your home ⁠— make sure it’s crafted with love!

Furniture selection can be tricky, especially when it comes to dining tables. Deciding on the perfect one can be a tricky task. Where do you even start? Well, one of the key factors to pieces of the puzzle is figuring out how many people you would like to seat. Once you have that number locked in, you can start browsing through showroom options. 

For the shape and texture of your future dining table, consider whether it will fit into the existing style of your kitchen, dining room, or living room. A single table can bring out the art deco ambiance but may be off-putting in a minimalist set-up. Make sure that the design you choose will fit the style you desire!

Of course, for lovers of something unusual and original, kitchen tables can be of various asymmetric shapes. Avant-garde tables can have not only an irregular shape but also unusual rounding or very sharp corners. So it is quite possible to find on sale, for example, a triangular table for the kitchen. 

Furniture selection can be tricky, especially when it comes to dining tables.
Furniture selection can be tricky, especially when it comes to dining tables.

Which shape to choose? 

When choosing the dining table shape, the design and dimensions of the room are taken into account. A properly selected dining table helps to visually expand the kitchen and divide the room into zones.

There are several shapes of tables available:

Oval Tables

Vibrant oval tables add a touch of modern or classic flair to any room! They are the most spacious in comparison with other types of dining tables.

An oval table is more convenient than a round one and more original than a rectangular one, and, importantly, safer because it has no corners. It would be wise to consider this if your family includes little ones under age five!

Square Tables

Square tables are the best type of table for a family of two or three. A piece of furniture visually helps to increase the space, add symmetry, and complete the style of the room. Square tables are appropriate in almost any room. 

They have such obvious advantages as mobility and relatively small size, which saves space. A folding square table is a great solution for a small room.

A medium-sized square table (90×90 cm) is suitable for small kitchens and living rooms in which households meet during a daily meal. Despite the modest dimensions, such a table will be very convenient for four people.

Round Tables

Round tables fit into medium-sized kitchens. These are designed for a small family while maintaining the ergonomics of the interior. A distinctive feature of round tables is their certain elusive charm and elegance. That is why, despite all the inconveniences of round tables, many prefer the round shape of the tabletop.

Positioning your round table in the corner of the room is an ideal option for maximum style and pizzazz! The presence of a window in this area creates additional volume, visually extending the space of a small kitchen or dining room.

The rectangular shape of the dining table is the most convenient both in everyday use and during festive dinners
The rectangular shape of the dining table is the most convenient both for everyday use and during festive dinners.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are the optimal type for various kitchen styles. The rectangular shape of the dining table is the most convenient both in everyday use and during festive dinners or friendly meetings in a large company. 

At a medium-sized table (90×150 cm), six to eight people can freely accommodate, and if necessary, the number of guests can be increased to 10 people, although you will have to make room for this.

Triangular Tables

Triangular tables are a great choice for rooms with limited space and complex architecture. They offer a unique and stylish look that is sure to spruce up any room. Their triangular shape helps to maximize the space you have, making them perfect for smaller spaces. 

Plus, they are endlessly customizable, so you can make them fit the style of your room. They also offer an interesting, dynamic look to your home, making it look more modern and sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or something more subtle, triangular tables are an excellent choice.

Which material to choose? 

Kitchen tables are made of several materials:

  • Wood is the perfect choice when it comes to sturdy, affordable, and timeless decor. Whether you’re looking for a classic vibe with oak, cherry, walnut, or beech, these materials are heat and moisture-resistant to boot. The kitchens look elegant and inviting with a touch of wood!
  • Glass is a lightweight material that gives the kitchen lightness and luxury, to avoid difficulties during operation, it is recommended to choose countertops made of tempered glass;
  • Metal materials decorate a modern-style kitchen, and are distinguished by high performance and unpretentious care;
  • Chipboard is a simple and economical version of the table, these models are popular for arranging small kitchens. The disadvantage of chipboard products is the possibility of getting wet and swelling, scratches, and chips.

Before you make the big purchase of a new table, it’s important to do your research on the different types of wood, and how they are constructed, so you can find the ideal option for you.

Dining table style 

For a certain style, features are inherent, given that a cozy and stylish atmosphere is created in the dining room or the kitchen. See the room transforms with a chic skin design.

So firstly, get to know more about these new designs of everyday tables.

  1. Classic design means natural wood products.
  2. For a room in the Provence style, a white table with a pattern is chosen.
  3. Contemporary styles allow for metal or laminated glass dining tables.
  4. Ecological style is suitable for wooden products decorated in a technique with minimal processing.
  5. Tables decorated in luxurious and original curved lines are typical for a modern look.

A modern oak top dining table, combining the optimal size and ideal shape, will become a comfortable and functional piece of furniture, harmoniously complementing the kitchen or living room. It can create an atmosphere of comfort, family warmth, and well-being in the house.

Choose a piece of furniture that will complement the interior of the house. Be sure to consider style, design, and decoration. Do you choose a minimalist kitchen style? Its integral part will be a glass table with legs made of dark natural wood or chromed metal. Something similar is also suitable for a loft-style interior.

Do you prefer the classic style? Look for structures on 4 massive legs, preferably solid wood. Classic style does not tolerate savings, your options can be a luxurious table with carved elements from oak and other valuable species.

Are you attracted to Provence by its lightness, comfort, and ease? For a kitchen in this style, you can buy rough-looking furniture that is deliberately aging. The presence of decorative elements is not welcome, for the sake of simplicity.

The Takeaway

Arrange the kitchen so that it is not only stylish and beautiful but also convenient in all aspects. Use every square meter wisely. And, be careful with the color of the table you choose.

Contrast is permissible in spacious dining areas. If the kitchen is small, we recommend using light finishing materials and furniture. If you want to be sure you’ll be taking your dining experience to the next level, you can also hire a designer to help you choose the perfect dining furniture for your budget and needs.



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