The Coolest BBQ Grills

What if the heart of the home wasn’t in the kitchen but rather in the outdoor kitchen? Dinner guests love spending time outdoors near the grill, don’t they? And why not? That’s where all the action and the delicious smells happen! Hosting a BBQ party is always a great way to catch up with family and […]

Clever Uses for Clothespins to Make Your Life Easier

Clothespin Hack

Clothespins aren’t just for clothes. They have some other clever uses, too! A lot of us don’t use clothespins anymore since a dryer makes the job faster and is a better option for those with limited space. If you’re one who uses a dryer but has a lot of clothespins in your storage, you will like these […]

Clever Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

Magazine holders... all it takes is imagination!

Have you got some magazine holders at home that you don’t use anymore? They could be used in several other clever ways! Before you throw them away, consider their potential for helping you to be better organized at home! Do you need a storage solution for kitchen tools, footwear or your craft materials? See the different […]

Trellis From Recycled Materials

Trellis From Recycled Materials

Need a simple trellis that won’t cost you ‘an arm and a leg’? Making your own garden trellis has never been this easy or cheap! These trellises won’t cost you a fortune as they’re made from materials that would have been thrown away. These include old bike rims, bed frames, ladders, screen doors, and a […]