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Clothespins aren’t just for clothes. They have a number of other clever uses, too!

Clothespin Idea

A lot of us don’t use clothespins anymore since a dryer makes the job faster and is a better option for those with limited space. If you’re one who uses a dryer but has a lot of clothespins in your storage, you will like these ideas we’re going to show you.

These ideas help to get better organized at home. Some are clever alternate uses that can come in handy when you’re outside the house. 🙂

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Toothbrush Holder

Scarf Holder

Weekly Organizer

Label and Sealer

Nail Holder

Air Freshener

Earphone Holder

Bike Lighting

Note Holder

Cable / Cord Holder

Lost Socks Holder

Craft Supplies Holder

Gloves Storage

Candle Wick Holder

We hope you found these clothespin ideas helpful. If you know other uses for clothespins not on the list, share it with us by commenting! 🙂



  1. Hi Roberta Birch – here in Australia we call them all clothes pegs (I think). I’ve never heard them referred to as clothes pins.

  2. Definitely cultural differences. I like the pegs for my parrots. I can soak them in fruit juice, dry them then let the parrots shred them. Can’t do that with the spring loaded ones.

  3. I love the idea of using clothespins to hold a tooth brush. I am going to south Africa in September and I will definitely bring clothes pins along with me for that purpose. Thank you!