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Trellis From Recycled Materials

Trellis From Recycled Materials

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Trellis From Recycled Materials

Need a simple trellis that won’t cost you ‘an arm and a leg’? Making your own garden trellis has never been this easy or cheap!

These trellises won’t cost you a fortune as they’re made from materials that would have been thrown away. These include old bike rims, bed frames, ladders, screen doors, and a lot more.

Trellis From Recycled Materials


Look around you… you might just find something that you’re thinking of getting rid of that can be turned into a trellis for your garden instead! The trellis you make from recycled materials is ideal for growing tomatoes, sweet peas, cucumbers, beans, passionfruits and many more varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Thinking of adding a trellis to your garden? Then these ideas might be for you!

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