The world’s safest small airplane starts deliveries!

The first Icon A5 has been delivered!

The Icon A5 has been in development for the past nine years. Icon could have built a plane in months but their goal was to build a sports-plane that anyone can fly… a plane that is virtually crash proof. The result is the A5, the first production plane of any size to be certified as […]

Can tourism save these five animals from extinction?

Earth’s history is broken into geologic epochs. These are time periods defined by distinct changes in rock strata. As you can see from the following infographic, some epochs have lasted hundreds of millions of years, others for mere tens of millions. But it seems that as the earth ages, the timescale is shortening… down to […]

50 scams waiting for unwary travelers!

Nothing is going to ruin your vacation or business trip faster than a disappearing wallet or purse. Just one notch down is turning around to discover that your luggage has just been carried off into the crowd! And while we all want to believe we’re travel savvy, it pays to remember that there are many […]

10 weird road rules you never knew existed…

There are many bizarre driving laws around the world. If you think getting a speeding ticket for going 1mph over the limit is a bit ‘over the top’, you’re about to discover just how crazy driving legislation can get. While some of the following laws make sense, others seem completely absurd! Logical or not, if […]

The Cottage on the Hill

COTH in the depths of winter

What could this odd-shaped and many-windowed little house in the woods have possibly housed? I stood in the woods on the top of the hill with my real estate agent, gazing in befuddlement—and increasingly also in delighted awe—at the little structure that reminded me a little of a Dr. Seuss house, a little of a […]

The #1 cause of early death mapped by country!

The years of lost life mapped

Few of us are in a hurry to die. But it seems that some have a lower regard for personal safety than others. Take the young drivers in Saudi Arabia… their road antics add up to 19 deaths every day, the highest per capita toll of any country. Since the vast majority reading this are […]