The years of lost life mapped

The #1 cause of early death mapped by country!

Few of us are in a hurry to die. But it seems that some have a lower regard for personal safety than others. Take the young drivers in Saudi Arabia… their road antics add up to 19 deaths every day, the highest per capita toll of any country.

Since the vast majority reading this are from developed economies, it’s probably going to be heart disease that gets you (and me).

If you’re living in China, be afraid of strokes… very afraid. That may well be connected with the high level of pollution in many cities.

If you live in Venezuela, you’d better learn early how to dodge bullets.

These statistics are based on the scientific measurement called ‘years of life lost’.

This fascinating three minute video explains it all. Oh yes… it’s not all bad news!

I’ve just finished reading an exceptional book by an American surgeon, Atul Gawande. The book, called Being Mortal, gets five stars from 3,259 reviewers so I’m clearly not alone in my opinion. If you’re a parent – of any age, I urge you to read this book. Illness can strike any of us at the most unexpected time. The book is uplifting as it helps prepare the reader for the inevitable decisions we must all face at some stage. After all, none of us will live forever. We just hope our ‘years of lost life’ are minimal 🙂



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