Can a Man-made Volcanic Winter Help Combat Climate Change?

Residents and tourists visiting the famous Taal Volcano in the Philippines were taken by surprise when the country’s second most active volcano started to emit smoke, resulting in a phreatic explosion. What began as a normal Sunday morning in the holiday towns surrounding the tourist spot ended in a mass evacuation and ashfall reaching as […]

The Peculiar Immortality of the Tasmanian Tiger

The Curious Immortality of the Tasmanian Tiger

In extinction, the Tasmanian tiger seems to have undertaken the fantastic journey from oblivion into the unlikely world of immortality. What’s behind persistent rumors of its continued survival?

Climate, Energy and the Will to Change!

Only a fool – or those politicians sitting on the religious right or in the pocket of big business – can continue to deny the link between our carbon emissions and global warming. We are the problem. We have to be the solution. Your children and their children are counting on our success. As I […]

Here’s Why You Should Rip Up that Lawn

An organic vegetable garden

How much does the straw in your soda or the plastic cup you’re holding contribute to a problem as colossal as climate change? You want a cleaner, safer world. You care about the environment and you know the decisions you make each day can make a difference. But where does one start? The answer just might be […]

The Secret Genius of Honeybees


In late August last year, a runaway swarm of 30,000 honeybees descended on the umbrella of a hotdog cart at Forty-Third Street and Broadway, in New York City. It was an event that caused crowds of famously indifferent New York City pedestrians to stop and gawk in incredulity.  The swarm became an instant social media […]

Insectageddon – why cleaning your windshield has become optional!

I do a lot of driving in rural and isolated areas. I always have. Certainly not as much as a truckie but a lot more than the average driver. Here in Australia, I constantly mourn the roadkill that I drive past on the roadside. Roos, wallabies, possums, wombats, snakes, goannas and anything else foolish enough […]

Climate Change, Money, and the Politics of Denial

Climate Change

In the mode of public disclosure that governs the Trump administration these days, few official statements contain anything resembling the simple truth.  That is, unless you consider the ungovernable warp of President Donald Trump’s ego and ambition as a genuine statement in itself. If that is the case, then truth becomes utterly subjective, and there […]