How everyone, everywhere, can compost – yes, even you!

How compost can save our world

By Ashley Baxter and Hey Monty! No matter where you live, everyone can and should be composting. Of course, not all of us can be running a large-scale, 50-tonne windrow operation out of our backyard or tiny apartment balcony. But there are alternatives for practically every lifestyle. Here are three different ways to compost your […]

Australians are red hot over climate change!

Smoke-filled sky during Australia's 2020 bushfire disaster - Stanley Li

Four years ago I stood as an independent candidate for the Australian federal parliament. I didn’t win but I made a real dent in the expectations of the sitting member. My single biggest issue was the urgent need for climate change mitigation. The sitting member was – and still appears to be – a climate […]

It’s official… Microplastics Are Now a Part of Your Diet!

We're eating plastic and it's in our organs!

OK – so we’ve all seen the horror images of whale, fish and bird stomachs blocked with plastic. Now it’s your turn. You’re ingesting microplastics but they are not lodging in your stomach… they’re in your organs! “IN A FEW SHORT DECADES, WE’VE GONE FROM SEEING PLASTIC AS A WONDERFUL BENEFIT TO CONSIDERING IT A […]

State of the Union or State of Despair?

An arrogant Trump?

Here in Australia, we – and indeed, many other citizens of Western nations, follow the antics of Trump and the US Senate with bewilderment. It has nothing to do with left or right leanings. It is about the extraordinary abuses of power we are witnessing. Abuses that are fueled by the massive divide – dare […]

No More Live Music? — Coldplay Won’t Go On Tour Unless Shows Are Carbon Neutral

British rock band and worldwide phenomenon Coldplay announced last November that they won’t go on tour for their new album Everyday Life to avoid the enormous carbon footprint it would produce. Touring is a big source of revenue for musicians but with all of the cross-country flights, tour buses, housing the musicians and staff, electricity […]

Why We Should Start Building Our Skyscrapers Out of Wood

Photo of Brock Commons Building

When you think of cities, you immediately start thinking of highrise buildings made of steel, glass, and concrete. Such buildings have become icons of urban development and economic progress but two decades into this century, is it finally time to reconsider our construction methods? Our Love Affair with Concrete People have been building with concrete […]

Top Climate Scientists Back Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal

Green New Deal is Necessary, say Scientists

WHEN Bernie Sanders last ran for President, he sounded like a grating seventy-year-old record. He tried to persuade America – sometimes with strident severity – that a defeated ideology and a dour, disheveled old man could represent its future. No one – perhaps not even his most avid supporter – was surprised that he lost. […]

Unbuilding Cities for a Greener Purpose

Reconstructing Cities for the Future

The rattling of backhoes, jackhammers, and pile drivers has become the aria of civilization recreating itself. But what price have we paid for the greener renewal?