Business is Brisk in the World of Modern-Day Slavery

Vannak Anan Prum has an extraordinary story to tell. He tells it in pictures. At 26, he was desperate to find work in Cambodia, where he lived. His wife was pregnant and he needed money to care for her and their unborn child. There was no work in the village in which they lived. Increasingly desperate, Prum set […]

Basic Income vs Guaranteed Jobs: What If We Paid Stay-At-Home Moms?

What is we just paid stay-at-home mothers a basic income?

Editorial comment: The concept of a universal basic income (UBI) has been aired at length in recent years. The discussion has been driven by the loss of so many jobs to automation – a rapidly escalating reality. The concept of and arguments for a UBI are based on two assumptions: 1/ All nations have sovereign […]

AI – Armageddon or Renaisance?

IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A THREAT TO MANKIND? It’s indisputable that the rapid advance of technology has made our lives easier. It’s streamlining jobs, speeding the delivery of information and automating repetitive tasks. Thanks to smartphones and computers, we are the first creatures to ever outsource their own memories to machines. And thanks to smart home […]

Becoming a climate change optimist…

The author takes heart in the fact that only 96% of our energy is coming from fossil fuels

Yes, there are still those willing to deny that global warming is a reality. Why, there are even some people who continue to argue that the cause is not anthropocentric. But for the vast majority of rational thinkers, it is a very worrying reality… especially if you have children who will live with the consequences of […]

Want that job? Quit smoking!

Sneaking a quick stairwell 'ciggy' is a common practice in the workplace.

Most western countries have banned smoking in the workplace. But those same countries typically give smokers special rights to indulge their habit during working hours. ‘ Last year, a Japanese marketing firm gave its non-smoking workers an extra six days of paid leave a year. The non-smoking employees argued – obviously successfully – that their smoking colleagues […]

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Crowded San Antonio classroom

Income and wealth inequality is accelerating in all Western nations. It’s certainly not a new phenomenon since wealth – and power – has been concentrated throughout history.  But in a brief hiccup in time, the Industrial Revolution lead to a broadening of both the income and asset base of nations. As individual incomes and wealth […]

Is it tyres or tires? Either way, it’s a massive problem for all of us!

There are far more tyres than people! In the 10 years to 2016, a total of 878.82 MILLION passenger cars and commercial vehicles were produced globally. Even if we assume that none had more than four tyres (most large trucks have at least 10 excluding the trailer) that’s well over 3.5 BILLION tyres. If we assume […]