As Innovation Compresses…

Innovation acceleration

Technology now dominates our lives in First World nations. The same is probably true in the Third World with the extraordinary penetration of smartphones. Google, Siri or Alexa wake us, tell us what to expect today, guide us to new destinations and even suggest what we should eat. Our cars have an average of 50 […]

A COVID pill is on the (not too distant) horizon!

A pill that inactivates the VOVID-19 virus is in trials.

As COVID-19 continues to ravage some nations, others live in fear of new variants arriving on their doorstep, creating a new, more virulent wave of infection. Even today, news of a new stain in Vietnam indicates that a new hybrid is attacking age groups previously at minimal risk. Global vaccination will never occur. There are […]

Trees That Bleed Nickel!

No, it’s not science fiction. There are actually plants that .mine’ metals! One example is Phyllanthus Balgooyi. Indigenous to the jungles of the Philippines, this tree ‘bleeds’ a fluorescent green sap – sap that is extremely high in nickel. Named after Professor Alan Baker, the botanist who first discovered the tree, Phyllanthus Balgooyi is a […]

Coping With COVID and Life’s Many Stressors…

Stress - welcome to 2021

I recall seeing a short film called “A Year to Remember”. I’d now like to see a movie called “A Year to Forget”! The reality is that, for many – perhaps most, of us, 2020 was an exhausting year. Mental and physical health concerns, concerns for elderly relatives and friends, job insecurity and/or dislocation, social […]

The Long and the Short of Terms of Service Agreements or…

Terms of Service for major sites

‘I ain’t got time for that stuff!’ When was the last time you read the ‘Terms of Service’ for anything you signed up for? Did you read Facebook’s? How about LinkedIn? Uber? Your local ‘click and collect’ grocery store? Let’s face it, we’re unlikely to read them unless we have one or two needs: We […]

Is ‘Big Brother’ watching you?

Is big brother watching you

Surveillance seems to be everywhere… in our streets, our shops and malls and even in our home. But just how prevalent is it and are Google, Amazon and Apple really recording every thing you say? Stopped at traffic lights? Look around. Paying for fuel? Smile… you’re on candid camera. In your dentist’s waiting room? Yep, […]

Republicans vs Democrats: Who’s Ahead in the Sex Surveys?

Republicans vs Democrats: Who’s Ahead in the Sex Surveys?

With the US presidential elections just a week away, the whole world is watching on as the most powerful country on earth struggles to redefine itself. For many, in fact, it has gotten so that watching the news in the United States is almost as worrisome as watching the news in a developing country. If […]

Australians are red hot over climate change!

Smoke-filled sky during Australia's 2020 bushfire disaster - Stanley Li

Four years ago I stood as an independent candidate for the Australian federal parliament. I didn’t win but I made a real dent in the expectations of the sitting member. My single biggest issue was the urgent need for climate change mitigation. The sitting member was – and still appears to be – a climate […]

Will I or won’t I? Yes or No?

Will I or Won't I - Free Will

Scientists still haven’t figured out free will, but they’re sure having fun trying… In 1983, American physiologist Benjamin Libet conducted an experiment that became a landmark in the field of cognitive sciences. It got psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers either very excited or very concerned. The study itself was simple. Participants were connected to an apparatus that measured […]

It’s official… Microplastics Are Now a Part of Your Diet!

We're eating plastic and it's in our organs!

OK – so we’ve all seen the horror images of whale, fish and bird stomachs blocked with plastic. Now it’s your turn. You’re ingesting microplastics but they are not lodging in your stomach… they’re in your organs! “IN A FEW SHORT DECADES, WE’VE GONE FROM SEEING PLASTIC AS A WONDERFUL BENEFIT TO CONSIDERING IT A […]