Don’t believe COVID-19 is being contained!

That just ain’t gonna happen until there is a coronavirus (COVID-19 strain) vaccine for everyone! Do not accuse me of scare-mongering or panicking. It won’t work because I have both science and logic on my side. And I’m fully prepared so I have no need to ‘panic’. But I digress… Right now, we do not […]

It’s NOT panic buying… it’s a totally rational response!

Why Truth Matters

We have kept an emergency food and ‘essentials’ supply for years. It’s not that we expect to use it. We’re optimists. But let’s call a spade a spade. The world is a very unstable place. Politically, we’ve got Putin, Trump, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping all set on world domination. Geologically, we face earthquakes that […]

Nestlé, Coke and Pepsi being sued as major polluters!

Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and others are being sued for polluting our oceans

You recycle, right? You sort as requested. Right bin, right box. But there’s an ugly truth… Of all the plastic produced since the 1950s, 91% of it has NOT been recycled. Instead, the scrap winds up in landfills, burned in incinerators, or dumped in our oceans. And since the vast majority of that plastic has been […]

Why do we think we’re immune to mass extinction?

How badly you will be effected has a lot to do with your general state of health.

I’m not new to either the global warming or the mass extinction debate. I’ve been ‘banging the drum’ for decades. I’m 70. I’ve got eyes, ears, a nose and, thankfully, an analytical brain. And I’ve personally experienced mega environmental changes over my lifetime. You have to be deaf, dumb and blind and mentally deficient to […]

State of the Union or State of Despair?

An arrogant Trump?

Here in Australia, we – and indeed, many other citizens of Western nations, follow the antics of Trump and the US Senate with bewilderment. It has nothing to do with left or right leanings. It is about the extraordinary abuses of power we are witnessing. Abuses that are fueled by the massive divide – dare […]

Oh crap… or not! That constipated feeling…

One in four people are constipated right now.

Look around you. Can you see three other people? Chances are, one of you is constipated. Constipation! We don’t talk about it. We suffer in silence hoping nature (or that laxative) will come to the fore and save us. It’s hardly a mealtime topic but hiding it won’t help regularity. In the long distant past […]

Fat and getting fatter! America 2030…

Three years back I wrote an article that caused enormous controversy. I was accused of body-shaming and even of being a misogynist (the article highlighted obesity, not gender specific obesity). The bottom line was – and continues to be – that no-one wants to be called out as being FAT. It’s a three letter word, […]

Climate, Energy and the Will to Change!

Only a fool – or those politicians sitting on the religious right or in the pocket of big business – can continue to deny the link between our carbon emissions and global warming. We are the problem. We have to be the solution. Your children and their children are counting on our success. As I […]