The Best Trends of Wine in 2021

Due to recent events, a lot of the leisurely activities we used to do have taken more of a significant role in our lives. With all of our extra free time, we had to figure out new ways to do old things, or else perish from the boredom. One of the activities that suffered the most was the wine and wine tasting industry, particularly from a social perspective. Since we could not have people at our homes as we would have liked to, social events suffered and most people started to drink alone or sparingly.

Now that things are opening back up, people are becoming social again. There are still trends that have been started due to the relative isolation that everyone has experienced. A lot of those trends have been transfixed to the liquor and wine Industries. A good example of this is the avoidance of liquor stores to buy new wines and order them online.

Buying Wine Online

Our recent history has been a boon to online retailers because people were at home ordering things online. This is especially true for the liquor and wine industry. Once going out became an inconvenience at best, people decided to stop going to the liquor stores to buy wine and instead decided to buy wine online. It may have actually been better for them because a lot of times the clerks at liquor stores aren’t really well-versed in wine as a specialty retailer should be. 

When you search for wine online, you can choose the color you want, the flavor you want, and the style of grapes that you would like. The shop will have them sorted out based on your particular need.

Many online wine shops will provide you with recommendations based on what your taste is, what you are ordering the wine for, and how much you are willing to spend. Since they are a specialty store, these sites have been created to serve a specialized audience.

In addition to this, many of these sites offer a Wine of the Month Club or a sampling program where you can discover new wines you may not have otherwise thought about trying.

Finding and Using Local Wineries

On the other hand, since the country is reopening, there is no reason you can’t explore what’s been around you this entire time. It would be in your best interest to discover your local wineries to see what people make close to you. It’s a pleasant use of a weekend to travel to a local winery and have a wine tasting there since a lot of wine companies were doing this prior to world events.

It is an excellent thing to do with friends or your significant other. It’s not only a fun experience to try new wines, but you will have a story for the future when people ask you where you got it. People have the tendency of believing you have to go far away to have a memorable experience, but in reality, you don’t have to go very far to do something new or something that you always wanted to do.

Using a Custom Made Decanter

Another new wine trend of 2021 is using a custom-made decanter. A decanter was originally used to separate sediment that settles down at the bottom of liquor bottles from the drink before you decide to drink it. Since new technology has mostly rendered the process of removing sentiment pointless, people will mostly use the decanters to aerate the wine before they drink it.

For those who don’t know, aeration is when the glass that you hold the wine in is swirled to open up the taste. A decanter can do this automatically. And if you get a decanter, you can get it laser engraved with a design, with your name, or with your company’s name so it can be given as a gift to the favorite wine drinker in your life.

For the most part, drinking wine is meant to be a social experience enjoyed by a group of small friends or a large group at a party where you can pass several bottles around. Wine is meant to be shared with those you love, so the biggest trend of 2021 is returning to what we did before and spending time with one another.



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