Spacious and Flowing: Open-Concept Floor Plan Designs

Over the past decade, there has been a rise in demand for open-concept floor plans in modern home designs. Demand is rising due to the ability of open-concept floor plans to create a spacious, airy, and functional living space. An open-concept floor plan has a larger living area that is not divided by walls or doors.

Check Out These 7 Open-Concept Floor Plan Ideas

The open space also provides a seamless flow between rooms, thus allowing natural light to fill the entire room. There are different types of open-concept house plans. These plans create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in homes.

Here are seven open-concept floor plans to consider if you are looking for a home that feels open.

The Craftsman 

The craftsman design features handcrafted details and focus more on natural materials. The design gives your home a welcoming feel and a sense of simplicity.

It features an open living space focusing on warmth and comfort. It features built-in shelves and cabinets, which add to the design’s handcrafted nature.

 It also includes a large open kitchen for entertaining visitors and is great for cooking large meals. The design also consists of a fireplace that adds to the welcoming feel of the place. Meanwhile, the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on one end of your home, providing privacy away from the living area.

This open-concept floor plan allows you to have creative freedom in terms of decor choices.
This open-concept floor plan allows you to have creative freedom in terms of decor choices.

The Great Room 

The great room design features an ample living space that opens to the kitchen and dining area. The design allows easy flow between regions of the house and is the perfect space to create if you host many guests. This plan also features high ceilings and ample natural light.

With the great room design, the kitchen and dining areas are on one side of the house, while the living room is on the other. This setup allows visitors to socialize in a separate area while you prepare meals and gather in the dining room once the food is ready.

This open-concept floor plan allows you to have creative freedom in terms of decor choices. It is excellent if you enjoy a flexible living space perfect for hosting friends and family.

The Loft 

The loft design is prevalent in urban settings and modern home designs with high ceilings, large windows, and open living space at the top of the home. The high living space is open to the kitchen and dining area below, which creates an airy feel.

It maximizes living space while minimizing the footprint of your home. Consequently, it is popular with homeowners who want to capitalize on the vertical space in their homes. It is typical in an urban setting but can also fit in a rural location. 

It is excellent if you want to expand but do not have much room for a horizontal expansion since you can expand vertically instead.

The Split-Level

The split-level design is characterized by multiple levels that are open to each other. The design gives each living area a sense of separation and privacy while still making the space feel open and connected due to the split-level design in the floor plans.

The entryway in this open-concept floor plan leads to a landing halfway between the upper and lower levels. There, you can access the main living area or the lower level. This design allows flexibility in space use, as different levels may serve other functions.

It can adapt well to sloping or uneven topography, making it great for land with some challenges.

No walls separate the areas of the home, thus creating a seamless flow between spaces.

The Studio

The studio design is used in small living spaces, like apartments. The design serves multiple purposes, including a living area, kitchen, dining area, and bedroom all in one room. No walls separate the areas of the home, thus creating a seamless flow between spaces.

This design maximizes space, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a small and efficient living space. Furniture and storage compartments are sometimes built into the plan to maximize space. It is big on minimalism and encourages you to be creative with decor that can also serve as functional storage.

The Ranch 

The ranch design is an open-concept floor plan that is used in single-story houses. The design is simple and functional, with all of the living spaces on one level. It has the residing areas, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms, arranged linearly, in a straight line, so they create a seamless flow into one another.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are on one end of the house, separating them from the main living areas of the living room, kitchen, and dining area. The ranch design is a good choice for those seeking a single-story home that is easy to maintain and navigate.

The Cottage

The cottage design is mainly used for smaller spaces or vacation homes. It features a cozy living space focused on comfort and simplicity, which can be perfect for encouraging you to unwind on vacation. Some people prefer the cottage design over other large, grand spaces due to its cozy feeling. The living space is often arranged into an L or U shape.

The open concept design allows easy flow between different areas of the home. It also creates a sense of intimacy since it often tries to utilize all of the space in a smaller home. Some cottage designs may include a loft area, which can be great for small gatherings of family and friends.


Open-concept floor plans are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. There are various benefits to this type of design, like a seamless flow of living areas.

There are different open-concept floor plans to choose from, each with its own unique features. The many options help ensure there is an open-concept floor plan for anyone. 

Most designs offer an adaptable living space that you can customize. Still, when choosing an open-concept floor plan, consider a design that fits your tastes and needs. You want to ensure you create a space you love and can enjoy for a long time.



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