Have You Been Targeted By Porch Pirates?

Online shopping has helped revolutionize the way we shop, giving us access to literally tens of thousands of products at any time, day or night. But online shopping has brought with it a whole new problem: online shoppers are finding themselves victims of porch piracy. What is Porch Piracy? Porch pirates/piracy is the practice of […]

Snap, Sizzle, Pop: 6 Benefits of Lighting a Campfire

With the promise of warmer weather right around the corner, many outdoor adventurers are dreaming up plans for summer campouts. For many, nights spent around the campfire are the highlight of their camping experience. Humanity’s ancestors relied on fire for food, safety, and warmth in a world far removed from modern technology. Today, campfires are […]

Using Technology and the Internet to Build Your Brand

As you build your brand, you will need to have a good understanding of your customer base, yourself, and your available resources. The good news is there are several kinds of business technology that can help you on your journey to grow your business. These can all help you cut your costs where needed. Building […]

9 Ways To Keep Your Carpets Clean and Stain Free

One reason that people love carpeting—besides its warmth and softness—is that it requires less maintenance and upkeep than hard-surface floors. Frequent vacuuming and occasional deep-clean scrubbing can keep your carpet looking new and fresh. However, if you ignore your carpet, it can soon become home to mites, pathogens, and accumulate dust. Eventually, polluting your air […]

How To Reduce Waste Before A Move

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably create a lot of waste when you move. Between packing materials, boxes, and the actual trash generated from packing and moving your belongings.  If you’re planning to move out of your home anytime soon, here are different ways to reduce the amount of waste you’ll produce. Keep on […]

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters

Severe weather, earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding seem to be everywhere on the world news stage. As global warming continues to ravage the natural world, the effects of warming ocean waters are creating storms that can’t be measured with modern technology. The temperatures are rising to cause more wildfires, droughts are eroding lands that help hold […]

Do Premium Air Filters Make a Difference?

They say when you buy cheap, you get cheap results. In the case of air filters, this statement tends to be true. When you purchase premium air filters, you get a whole variety of benefits that a cheaper version cannot give you. Premium air filters are an investment that can save you a lot of […]

6 Common Health Issues Seniors Face in Their Everyday Lives

With age, seniors often face several physical, mental and emotional issues.  Whether you have a senior parent at home or you’re a caregiver for the elderly, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself informed about the common health issues that seniors face in their everyday lives.  To help you take care of them better, […]

5 Evergreen Mother’s Day Presents

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s best to start brainstorming for the perfect present for your mom early on. Get rid of the last-minute and pressuring feeling of getting anything for your mom’s special day. The fact is you don’t need to spend many hours browsing online for the best Mother’s Day gift; chances […]