Small Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

The living area is a part of your home that should look and feel it’s absolute best. However, designing a tiny living room can feel extremely overwhelming, especially when it’s cramped and narrow. Thus, you need to get creative with your designs to ensure you make use of every square foot without making the space feel cramped.

How to Maximize Your Small Living Room?

The best small living room ideas use every inch of available space while striking a balance between functional furniture and smart storage. And the best thing is that there are many easy ways to remodel your tiny living room and maximize the space.

With that in mind, here are some of the best design ideas to help you maximize your tiny living room and make the space feel spacious enough to serve all your lounging and entertaining needs: 

The best small living room ideas use every inch of available space while striking a balance between functional furniture and smart storage.
The best small living room ideas use every inch of available space while striking a balance between functional furniture and smart storage.

1. Choose Leggy Furniture Pieces

The furniture you choose when designing a tiny living room can make or break the space. Since you’re short on space, consider scaling down on the furniture. Opt for furniture pieces that take up minimal visual space. 

Leggy furniture pieces free up space underneath, making your small living room look less constricting and more spacious. Also, see-through furnishings and glass tops can have the same effect, tricking the eye there’s more space. 

Instead of a traditional sofa and coffee table, consider adding low-profile pieces like ottomans and a loveseat or a lower couch with slim arms that won’t take up too much space, helping you create a feeling of volume in the room.

 2. Choose White Walls

Painting the walls of your living room white is undoubtedly the easiest and most effective way to make a small living area appear more spacious, airy, and soothing. White walls will also work seamlessly with any décor theme you choose. 

However, it may be best to choose white for your décor theme when decorating a small living area since it will make the space appear and feel wider and larger. For instance, pairing your white walls with pale furniture will make your room look brighter and more spacious. 

If an all-white living area isn’t your thing, consider adding pops of bright color to your décor.

3. Add a Gallery Wall and a Statement Piece

Distract the eyes by adding a statement piece or a gallery wall. Choose frames with vibrant colors, patterns, and prints for your gallery wall to create a focal point in your living area. Choose larger art pieces for your gallery wall to make the room feel less closed in and narrow but more spacious and larger. 

Don’t set up your artwork too high on the wall since it will only show an imbalance in proportions. Instead, hang your large art to eye level to make the room appear wider. Besides a gallery wall, you can add one or two statement pieces to your small living area.

This can be an attention-grabbing accent piece like a dramatic statement chair or a bold light fixture. This helps add intrigue and contrast to your tiny living space without making the room appear cluttered. Maintain the rest of the space clutter-free to drive attention away from the room’s real size.

4. Expand Your Limited Space with Glass and Mirrored Elements

Like paint, mirrors can make your tiny room appear much larger. Therefore, you should consider adding a mirror or a reflective surface to a wall directly facing a window to reflect the natural light and make the space appear brighter and larger. 

You can even angle your mirror toward a focal point to give the illusion of depth. You can add mirrors to your small living space in the form of mirrored cabinet doors and other mirrored elements to add the illusion of space.

Apart from mirrored elements, glass furniture pieces and elements can make your tiny living space appear much larger. And the best thing about glass is the fact that it’s minimal by design, so it doesn’t seem like it consumes a lot of space, no matter the size. Moreover, even large glass furniture pieces won’t break the flow of your design. 

For instance, you may consider replacing your front door with one of the stylish glass doors that can add curb appeal to your living room and let in natural light, brightening the space and making it look larger. You can even pair gold accents with glass to add elegance to your small living area while making the space look larger.

You can make use of the oddly shaped corners to create a nook in your living area. 
You can make use of the oddly shaped corners to create a nook in your living area. 

5. Create a Nook in Oddly-Shaped Corners

Most tiny living rooms have odd-shaped walls and slanted ceilings, making it challenging to decorate them. However, this doesn’t mean designing an oddly-shaped living room is impossible. You can make use of the oddly shaped corners to create a nook in your living area. 

This will help you make use of every inch of available space and add a homely charm to your tiny living area.

Add lower furniture pieces to your nook to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. For instance, you can use a comfy chair and chic side table to create a stylish reading nook in your tiny living room. Another great alternative is to add a shorter ottoman that can serve as additional seating in the tight space.

Instead of creating a reading nook, you can also hang your favorite pictures and art pieces on the oddly angled walls to add interest to the space and utilize every inch of available space. Dividing your tiny living room into different sections can make it appear more spacious since you’ve made it look large enough to accommodate multiple areas.

6. Use Storage Furniture with a Small Footprint

While living room storage ideas come in handy, no matter the size of your space, you should consider making the most of ceiling height to free up your floor space. One way to make the most of your vertical space is using ladder-style shelving to store and display your paperwork, keys, houseplants, and other valuable possessions.


To expand your living room’s limited space, add minimal design furniture pieces with leggy bottoms that make the space appear less cluttered and create a lot of visual space. Use glass and mirror elements to reflect as much natural light as possible and make the space look larger and more spacious. 

Giving your walls a coat of white paint and utilizing vertical space will also make your limited space appear bigger.



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