Want to have a different-looking driveway or path from the rest of the neighbourhood? It’s possible with glow stones!

Glowing Driveways and Paths

As you may have guessed, making your driveway glow in the dark is not an inexpensive project. But there are many sources for this kind of material. You can find lots of glowing stones online, that you can add to your concrete mix. Spray products you can apply to existing pavements are also available!

A glow in the dark pathway is a nice way to light up your outdoor area at night, and it can last from two hours up to 12 hours. That depends on the quality you’re going to get, of course. Some products even have an anti-slip feature for bikers and skaters.

Glowing Driveway and Paths

You can use a concentrated amount in certain parts of your yard which you want to be emphasized. Some people on the other hand have made patterns with glowing stones for an even more impressive pathway.

Do you see your own home with a driveway and paths that twinkle like fairy lights every n?night?

Take a look at this album of lovely, glowing pathways!

Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.8-)


  • Jack

    In order to achieve these pathways how much glow pebbles are needed?

    • now4dw

      Hi Jack. That depends totally on the amount of luminosity you require. A search of the manufacturers’ sites should give you the answer you need.

  • Patricia Answorth

    Where can I buy these rocks?

  • Sharon Green

    it would be nice if you told us how to do this……or where to buy it.