Full Grown Tree Furniture

Trees Patiently Grown Into Wonderful Furniture and Art: 5 Masterpieces

Full Grown Tree Furniture

The idea isn’t exactly new but Gavin Munro, and his company Full Grown, are definitely attracting attention in the industry of furniture making. In his furniture, beauty, function and actual preservation of Mother Nature’s well-being all exist!

Full Grown Tree Furniture

We think it is clearly Munro’s calling. The idea of shaping trees to make furniture has gradually sprouted in his mind over the years since he was a child. And he acquired the patience needed after he, himself, has gone through several operations and worn a frame to straighten his spine.

In his site he shared, “… It was only after doing this project for a few years a friend pointed out that I must know exactly what it’s like to be shaped and grafted on a similar time scale.”

The aim of his enterprise extends beyond crafting solely distinctive artworks; it encompasses the creation of functional and ergonomic masterpieces. He also aims to introduce this method of making furniture that completely keeps the hands off our forests.

Instead of growing trees and then chopping them down to leave clear and dry forests, the company moulds and grafts trees which is “more cooperative with the natural world” and efficient in many ways.

Full Grown’s method does not consume energy as much as ordinary tree farming does. Here, there is no chopping, milling or transporting of raw wood. They also consume way less water to grow their trees.

Even their headquarters are environment-friendly. The plastic moulds used are recycled, and they reuse it together with even the tiniest wires and strings as much as they can to avoid producing waste. They also use solar power in their caravan office.

The only thing this method really requires is an incredible amount of patience, though the whole process is virtually simple. Imagine, one chair needs four to eight years to grow! And as Munro said, with every 100 pieces grown, “there are 1,000 branches you need to care for, and 10,000 shoots you have to prune at the right time.” Crazy, isn’t it?!

But for really beautiful pieces like these and a more conscientious approach, it’s definitely worth all that effort!

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Now we know a lot of you are already interested in getting one at this very moment. Unfortunately, they aren’t on the market yet and the first batch of chairs will only be available in mid-2017! The mirrors and pendant lamps, on the other hand, are expected to be out by late 2016.

Still, a long time to wait, but who’s keeping an eye out for their release??

5 Striking Creations by Gavin Munro in Furniture and Art

Gavin Munro is known for his innovative work in growing and shaping trees into functional furniture and art pieces. Here are seven examples of his remarkable projects:

1. Grown Chair: A living testament to Munro’s expertise, the grown chair is a fully functional seat that has been shaped and grown from a tree’s branches and trunk. It’s a harmonious blend of organic forms and human design.

2. Sculpted Table: Munro’s mastery shines through in his sculpted tables, where he guides the growth of trees to create stunning tabletops and supports, resulting in unique and awe-inspiring pieces.

3. Arbor Benches: Imagine sitting on a bench that has grown into its shape from a tree. Munro’s arbour benches offer an exceptional seating experience, blending the allure of nature with functional design.

4. Tree-Inspired Wall Art: Gavin Munro’s innovation extends to wall art as well. He creates wall-mounted artworks using naturally grown tree branches and trunks, celebrating the unique shapes and textures found in nature.

5. Lampshade Art: Munro’s artistry extends to lighting as well. He crafts lampshades by allowing young trees to grow around moulds, forming elegant and natural lamp coverings that diffuse light beautifully.

Each of Gavin Munro’s furniture and art pieces reflects a harmonious collaboration between nature and human ingenuity, resulting in stunning creations that challenge traditional design norms.

Munro’s Approach

Gavin Munro employs a unique and innovative approach to growing his furniture and art pieces, which involves a combination of horticulture, artistry, and patience. His process can be summarized in these steps:

1. Selecting Trees: Munro starts by carefully choosing specific tree species that have flexible and fast-growing characteristics, ideally suited for shaping and sculpting.

2. Pruning and Shaping: Young saplings are planted in a controlled environment, typically on a farm. As they grow, Munro meticulously prunes and guides their growth using specialized moulds or frames. These moulds help shape the tree’s branches, trunk, and roots into the desired forms.

3. Growth Manipulation: Munro uses gentle manipulation to train the trees to grow around the moulds. By continuously adjusting their growth direction and speed, he encourages the trees to conform to his artistic vision while maintaining their health and vitality.

4. Fusion of Art and Nature: Over several years, the trees grow and merge with the moulds, essentially becoming living sculptures. This fusion of natural growth and human design results in intricate and unique furniture and art forms.

5. Harvesting and Finishing: Once the trees have grown into the desired shapes, Munro carefully harvests them. The harvested trees are then carefully dried, preserving their forms and ensuring their structural stability. Depending on the final design, Munro might add finishing touches such as sanding, polishing, and applying protective coatings.

6. Functional and Aesthetic Pieces: The result of Munro’s process is functional furniture and art pieces that seamlessly blend with nature. Chairs, tables, lampshades, and other items exhibit both aesthetic beauty and practical use, all grown from living trees.

Munro’s approach challenges conventional manufacturing methods by embracing a more sustainable and organic way of creating objects. The result is a collection of remarkable pieces that not only serve as functional items but also celebrate the natural world and its intricate relationship with human creativity.

Want to know more? You can head over to Full Grown’s site. 🙂

Arboreal Marvels!

Showcased here is the incredible fusion of nature and human ingenuity by artist Gavin Munro. Through a meticulous and innovative process, Munro cultivates young trees, shaping and guiding their growth into functional furniture and exquisite art pieces.

Each item, whether a chair, table, lampshade, or artwork, is a living testament to the harmonious collaboration between nature’s grace and artistic vision. This collection celebrates the beauty of organic forms while reimagining the boundaries of design, offering a glimpse into a world where trees become masterpieces, embodying both functionality and aesthetic wonder.



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