El Toro Smoker Main Image

El Toro Smoker — function and aesthetics in one!

What can you expect from a man who is both a metal sculptor and a BBQ fan? Well… just the most awesome grill you will ever see! The El Toro Bravo™ Smoker is also a grill that resembles a charging bull!

El Toro Smoker Main Image

Owner-builder Russell Marr came up with the idea years ago while making a traditional firebox smoker and saw a resemblance to a charging bull. Thinking it would be great to build one, he started to carefully plan and design every section of the El Toro.

Almost every part of the smoker/grill has a specific function, making it look good and work good.

With almost two years of careful engineering and building for great cooking experience, this baby is undoubtedly worth $30,000!

Want one for your yard?

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You can also watch a video below, showing the building process of the El Toro Bravo™ Smoker.

Image Source: Russell Arthur Design




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