4 Guaranteed Methods for Becoming a Better Writer

Hello, there, fellow writers! Do you find yourself tired of your writing not fulfilling your expectations? Maybe you struggle with finding the perfect means to improve your writing skills. That is why we have crafted this ultimate article discussing the four guaranteed methods to help you become a better writer.

How to Become a Better Writer in 4 Guaranteed Methods

So, throughout this guide, you will learn about some practical exercises for mindset shifts. You can become a professional writer in no time with practice and dedication. So, whether you want to hone your abilities or spark your love for drafting ideas, learn how to impress your audience with the following tips below.

1. Branch Out & Find New Technological Tools for Creativity

The ultimate game-changer can revolve around finding the leading technological tools to utilize. Some inventions can help you improve your writing. Since technology is getting integrated into all aspects of life, knowing which resources to incorporate into your work is essential.

Moreover, consider using other in-built tools offered on your MacBook. An example is the voice-to-text software available. Instead of typing everything out, consider software that transcribes your spoken words into written text. 

Not only does it make you write quicker, but you will also become more efficient. Moreover, an excellent writing tool is an online grammar and style checker. There is often nothing better than resorting to reliable websites such as Grammarly. 

2. Read Widely & Often to Write Better

Reading is the foundation of excellent writing. Many underestimate the power of reading various genres and its impact on their writing skills. It is essential to broaden your creative horizons by tapping into different types of stories and narratives. Read on to learn how to incorporate reading into your writing routine.

It is essential to broaden your creative horizons by tapping into different types of stories and narratives.
It is essential to broaden your creative horizons by tapping into different types of stories and narratives.

Why Reading Is Essential for Writing?

If you still doubt reading’s effect on your drafting abilities, below is a list that will enable you to understand the benefits:

  • By reading a range of different authors and genres, you expose yourself to diversity. That includes different writing styles, techniques, and storytelling methods.
  • Reading exposes you to a vast array of different vocabulary. This exposure enhances your vocabulary and language abilities, which allows you to express yourself more precisely and effectively.
  • To learn how to become a better writer, you should focus on understanding narrative structure. Reading fiction, for instance, allows you to delve into narrative design, character development, and plot construction.

Tips for incorporating reading into your writing journey

If you find yourself short on time and unable to add reading into your routine, consider following the directions below:

  • Set aside daily dedicated time for reading. Allocate a specific time in your daily schedule for reading. Even 15-30 minutes of focused reading will make a significant difference.
  • Carry a book anywhere. Sometimes, you might find yourself with extra time on your hands. Utilize this spare time to make reading a habit.
  • Alternate between fiction and non-fiction. Having such diversity will allow you to fuel your imagination and creativity. While non-fiction will expand your knowledge, fantasy will push you towards novel perspectives.

3. Practice Mindful (& Mindless) Writing

Mindful writing allows you to be fully present at the moment. By practicing this technique, you become more engaged in writing, allowing you to tap into your focus and creativity. However, it might also help to do some mindless writing occasionally. 

Practice “thoughtless” writing by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, then jot down all thoughts without lifting the pen off the paper. This will help make your ideas flow, especially if you struggle with writer’s block.

As for mindful writing, you can incorporate it by utilizing a few methods. First of all, create a ritual around your writing journey. For instance, the atmosphere could involve candles, tea, or meditation before beginning. 

Also, ensure all distractions are eliminated. It is often a good idea to write away from any electronic devices. Lastly, engage all your senses in your writing. Focus on the feeling of the keyboard or the pen under your fingers. Moreover, focus on the smells, sounds, and sights surrounding you. 

Consider breathing new life into your writing by trying the following practices.
Consider breathing new life into your writing by trying the following practices.

4. Incorporate Other Creative Outlets for Writing

Exploring how to write better often involves finding your groove and creative process. Hence, consider breathing new life into your writing by trying the following practices.

  • Mind Mapping. Mind mapping involves visualizing your ideas and concepts and then organizing them in a way that makes sense. This allows you to brainstorm, plot out ideas, and identify plot holes.
  • Visual Storytelling. Visual storytelling can assist your process as it allows you to narrate with the help of visuals. Consider experimenting with various forms of storytelling, such as graphic novels and comics. You can even leverage tools that allow you to scan text from image references or illustrations, incorporating meaningful text elements seamlessly into your visual storytelling projects.
  • Audio Recording. Recording your writing sessions can be a fantastic way to capture your ideas. It also enables you to track your progress. Whether you want to record yourself speaking or spitting some ideas, this practice will boost your focus and organization. 
  • Writing Prompts. Writing prompts enable your creative juices to flow. There are countless online prompts. Since there are diverse genres and styles, consider using a few of them to challenge yourself and explore novel topics.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, knowing how to be a good author resides in paving the ultimate path and routine for yourself. The key lies in consistent practice and a genuine passion for storytelling. Aspiring authors often immerse themselves in the world of words. That includes reading diverse genres, using creative techniques, and practicing mindful writing.

That said, the above-guaranteed methods guide you on your artistic journey to become a great author. Embrace technological tools and remain open to innovative solutions. You can shape your power and thoughts to create beautiful narratives through dedication and a love for good words.



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