Creative Window Treatment Ideas for Oddly-Shaped Windows

Searching for the perfect home can be a tiring process that demands significant time and effort. It necessitates extensive research, property viewings, and bargaining, while also requiring careful assessment of factors including location, size, aesthetics, convenience, and cost.

After months of searching and sifting through numerous options, you have finally found a property that meets almost all the requirements on your list. You have envisioned living in this house, decorating it to your liking, and enjoying its many features.

However, you have just one problem. This house comes with oddly-shaped windows. You have no idea what you will do to treat or dress them and are considering letting the house go.

You can then use these creative window treatment ideas after you have purchased oddly shaped windows.
You can then use these creative window treatment ideas after you have purchased oddly shaped windows.

Creative Window Treatment Ideas

Well, go ahead and buy this dream house. You cannot let such a house go just because it has oddly shaped windows. You can then use these creative window treatment ideas after you have purchased them. 

1. Shutters

If you like and understand how beautiful wood is, then you should consider using shutters. No matter the requirements you might come with, you can customize shutters to fit almost anything you want. This makes them perfect for your oddly shaped windows.

The best part? You can operate your windows from anywhere in your house. Are you in bed sleeping and want to open your windows? Well, get that remote and do anything you want. If your window area is exposed to humidity, the shutters you use should be made using faux wood.

2. Wooden Blinds

If you are looking for window treatment ideas that fit different types of décors, you should go for wooden blinds. You will definitely love their grainy texture – it is unique and looks beautiful.

In addition, chances are that you are not planning to change the window treatments every time. If this sounds like what you need, then go for wooden blinds. They will last for a long time with little maintenance.

When it comes to light control and heat insulation, you will never go wrong with wooden blinds. As you can see, they fit into the features we have discussed above.

3. Roman Blinds

If your new house comes with skylight windows, or rather windows that you cannot reach easily, then Roman blinds are the best options for you if you want creative window treatment. You can also use them if your windows are in the narrow places of your house.

But what makes them creative? Chances are that you not only want window treatments to make your house more beautiful but also want elegant treatments. Roman blinds fit your bill and are the best choice if you are looking for a minimalistic option.

Again, ensure you have motorized them to make operability easy, especially if your house comes with windows that cannot be reached easily.

4. Long Curtains

Chances are you have used curtains in almost every other house you have lived in. Well, now that you are moving into your dream house which has tall, arched, or circular windows, who said that you cannot use curtains, albeit creatively? Did you know that large floor-to-ceiling windows are the latest trend if you want to provide your space with a unique touch?

Well, make sure that the curtains you use cover the entire windows. When the curtains are open, you will be surprised by how they create an amazing contrast with your window’s shape. You will also enjoy the beauty when they are drawn.

If you are dealing with a situation where your windows get a lot of sunlight during the day, then get blackout curtains. Also, ensure that the colors you choose contract the walls of your house.

5. Solar Shades

If you are concerned about energy efficiency, you might have to settle for solar shades. You would be surprised at how well they work with oddly shaped windows. The good news is that you can find them in opulent and modern designs.

Apart from giving you the style that you need, you can also rely on solar shades when it comes to blocking harmful sunlight rays. They provide you with all these functionalities without even blocking your view.

So, will oddly shaped windows let you lose your dream home?
So, will oddly shaped windows let you lose your dream home?

Features to Consider

Even though we are against giving up on your dream house due to its windows, the truth is that finding the right window treatment can be as challenging as finding the perfect ring. If you are getting married, which would be the best ring for you to consider? Should you go for rings featuring black diamonds, or maybe tanzanite rings would do the trick for you?

Of course, you will look at some features and considerations when choosing the perfect ring. Similarly, when looking for creative window treatment ideas, you need to look at the following features;

  • Light Control: If your house has skylights or large windows, you will have a lot of sunlight getting inside during the day. You will not be able to control this light without the right window coverings. You should also think about harmful UV rays.
  • Heat Insulation: Let us assume that your windows are not only oddly shaped but also angled or tall. You need to ensure the window treatments you will use cover them.
  • Aesthetics: Your windows might be oddly shaped, but make sure that the treatments you choose enhance the décor in your home. For example, ensure that you are using decorous, vibrant, and elegant options that make your house even more beautiful.
  • Operability: Let us assume that you have looked at the features discussed above and have creative treatments for your windows. Great! What if the windows are tall? Will you operate them without struggling? So, in addition to the features above, ensure you can easily operate your window treatments. You can even motorize them to use a remote or smartphone for operation.

You will need all the features we have discussed above for you to get what you are looking for when it comes to creative window treatments.


So, will oddly shaped windows let you lose your dream home?

Chances are that after reading this article, you already have an idea of what you are going to do to make the house even more beautiful. Go ahead, buy the house, and use any of the creative window treatment ideas discussed above.



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