7 Creative Ways To Customize Gifts

Gone are the days when gifts had to be so general. Talk about a blue pair of socks for dads or a random brown teddy bear for girls. By current standards, such gifts come out as a bit thoughtless and generic. Nothing shows that you took your ample time to choose a unique item specifically meant for the recipient and no one else.

But thanks to the internet, you can now get insight into numerous creative ideas to customize gifts. Here are some of them:

1. Use Your Handwriting

If you need to send out a gift with wording, you better use your handwriting instead of typing and printing using standard computer fonts. Handwriting has a personal touch as it shows that you took your good time to carve out each letter. That indicates how much thought you put into the gift.

Thus, you evoke an emotional connection with the receiver as they read the inscribed words. Furthermore, handwriting is unique to every person, meaning no other gift will resemble yours. You can handwrite gifts such as keychains, congratulations cards, necklace pendants, recipe cutting boards, or wall hangings.

2. Mention Special Dates

Every person comes to significant occasions in the course of life’s journey. For example:

  • Wedding
  • First day of school
  • Graduation
  • Engagement 
  • Losing a loved one
  • Buying a home
  • First job
  • First paycheck
  • Retirement
  • Earning an award
  • First trip abroad

Each of these is associated with a precise date, and a mention of that date always rings a bell in one’s mind. So, capitalize on this fact and engrave any of these dates on your gifts. For instance, you can engrave the wedding date on a marriage anniversary gift to a couple.

3. Custom-Print Names

Right from childhood, a typical human hears their name repeatedly, and it becomes very special to them. Just a mention of the name is enough to grab their full attention. Aside from that, calling someone by their name implies you know them personally. And that can instantly light up their mood.

Therefore, consider printing the recipient’s name on the gift. For instance, you can print names on t-shirts. All you need to do is select a plain t-shirt of your choice from their collection and specify what they should print. 

You can also use initials instead of the full name as both have the same positive impact. Aside from the recipient’s name, you can also mention other special people in their life. For example, the spouse, parents, kids, favourite icons, or mentors.

4. Infuse Your Fingerprint

Facts have it that there’s no match for your fingerprint in the entire world. Thus, infusing a gift with your fingerprint is an excellent idea. The recipient will always associate it with you. And that adds positive emotions to the gift. You can fingerprint gifts like keychains, ceramic ornaments, guitar picks, stickers, wine glasses, coffee mugs, or business cards.

5. Include A Sonogram

Getting a baby is one of the most special moments in life. Accordingly, you’d want to extend your good wishes to the mother and father. One way you can do this is by printing their sonogram on a gift such as a baby t-shirt. They’ll surely love seeing it imprinted there. It’s a constant reminder of their successful pregnancy journey.

6. Add Face Portraits

Similar to names and fingerprints, face portraits are unique. Most people love seeing their faces in mirrors or images. Incorporating these portraits into a gift is sure to bring them happiness. Explore online courses for crafts that offer an exciting opportunity to enhance your creative abilities and empower you to create such exceptional and personalized gifts.

There are plenty of collage maker tools that can help you craft incredible personalized images that perfectly capture the emotions of a gift, as well as the relationship you have with the recipient. With their intuitive features and drag-and-drop interfaces, almost anyone can craft beautiful collages, often with just a few minutes of effort.

Here are some custom gifts to which you can add face portraits:

  • Notebook cover
  • Canvas print for wall art
  • Photo Puzzle
  • Collage of Polaroid-style photos
  • Coffee mug
  • Picture face mask
  • Photo album
  • Custom photo paint
  • Calendar
  • Throw a blanket or pillow
  • Framed prints for a gallery wall

7. Include Geographic Coordinates Or Address

People usually have a special connection with their hometown, workplace, or favourite vacation spot. Consider that letters and other ordered goods are always delivered to their particular address. With time, they grow fond of it. You can perpetuate such affection by including the geographic coordinates or address of your recipient in the gift.

You could state an address as follows:

Cecilia Chapman

711-2880 Nulla St.

Mankato Mississippi 96522

(257) 563-7401

And a geographical coordinate as follows: 

48° 51’ 30.1293” N

3° 24’ 50.6131” E

8. Tap Into The Recipient’s Likes

Any person would appreciate a gift that matches their likes. So, make a point of figuring out what matters most to the person you’re giving the gift to. Suppose your friend is into music. You’d want to give them something music-related. And if you dig further, you can even know their current goals in their music hobby. They might have purchased an acoustic guitar and are currently saving to add some accessories like capos, picks, pedals, straps, or tuners. If you purchase any of these and give them to them, it’ll mean so much to them. They’ll sincerely appreciate your kind gesture.

In the same sense, avoid giving gifts that seem to influence the recipient into something they don’t like. For instance, your friend might have disclosed to you previously how they don’t like reading fiction novels. If you go ahead and give them a fiction novel as a gift, they might interpret that you’re trying to force them into reading.

Additionally, some gifts may be interpreted negatively. For example, giving a book titled ‘How To Lose Weight’ to your obese friend may not be the best thing to do. Try sticking to gifts that release positive vibes.


Customizing gifts calls for a bit of creativity. The ideas above should serve as an excellent starting point, but you could still explore more. The bottom line is you ought to consider things that matter most to the intended recipient. It might be their name, a significant date in their life, their geographical location, or a hobby. Also, try packaging the gift in a manner that evokes emotions such as using your handwriting or sealing it with your fingerprint. For high-quality results, always consider enlisting the help of professionals. The more thought you put into a gift, the more the receiver will appreciate it.



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