Three Things That Will Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Happy

Who doesn’t love chickens? They’re great alarm clocks, all around feathered friends, and produce large eggs – one of the most useful food items. A typical base item for delicious pastries and healthy meals.

Chickens are packed with the personality of a comic entertainer, the sweetness of affection, and friendliness to other farm animals alike.

If you treat them right, they’ll return the love tenfold with natural compost and abundance of a food source. They will keep the surrounding insects in control as well.

But like many living beings, there are precautions in the basics of proper care and handling of such chooks.

To give you a bright head start, here are three sure-fire ways to keep your chickens feeling great.

Well Planned Home Structure

Your chickens need to feel protected when roosting and nesting.

We all feel great after we’ve stayed in a cozy cabin. Chickens feel the same when they’re in a comfortable environment where there’s enough legroom to roam around and a bed to snuggle in… even better if they got companions to share their days with.

ALEKO Wooden Pet House Poultry Hutch

With the right home comes an excellent feeling of being safe. Chickens are anxious animals at times, and when they get stressed, they freak out in ways that will lead to sickness. So keep them feeling secure under your roof. And what better way to calm them down than tasty food, which leads to our next discussion of having a fantastic feeding system at hand.

Great Feeding System

A good poultry feeding system pays big dividends.

Free-range chickens love to manage their own feeding time. But you can always feed them yummy treats of kitchen scraps or the best pellets in the morning and evening. It’s also best to give them their feeder to eliminate food waste, spillage, and keep nasty pests like rats and mice away. It will save you money, but it can also save your soil’s health status. A well-fed chicken comes with A-Grade egg produce.

Harris Farms 1000290 Free Range Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

Organized Egg Laying Set Up

Your poultry will lay best when they have a sheltered space like the one shown here.

Nothing beats the savory taste of a freshly laid egg. Like any farmer would know, it’s color and flavor is much more vibrant than any store-bought eggs.

Harris Farms 1000290 Free Range Plastic Hanging Poultry Feeder

But before we count our eggs, we must take care of the chooks first. It’s the same with dairy cows… happy cows produce the best milk!

Chickens should live in a clean home with a comfortable nesting place and a well-fenced area. Their privacy for laying eggs should be respected as well. Litters are cleaned daily and are upcycled as compost in return, thus achieving a harmonious utopia for your feathered friends.

Whether you’re planning to keep chickens as pets or livestock, they’re great companions to be around. Mornings will never be complete without the calls of your living alarm clock. Days won’t get boring with their funny antics. Yards will look greener with fresh compost. And food will taste better knowing you’d saved money.

What are your special ways of keeping your chickens happy?



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