3 Rugged French Press Coffeemakers for Your Next Camping Trip

There’s something magical about that first cup of coffee on a cold morning as you sit by a campfire. Over the years, we’ve tried just about every method there is for making the best campsite coffee.

Our goal has always been to perfect the craft. No, unfortunately, we haven’t quite achieved our objective yet. But if we ever do, it’s likely going to be through a method that uses a French press.

You can get quite technical about French press coffee. You can explore the fine details of coffee-water ratio, grind size, water temperature, and more. But the beauty of the French press is that it’s simple.

If you love coffee and camping, then a French press is your perfect campsite companion.
If you love coffee and camping, then a French press is your perfect campsite companion.

A Perfect Camping Companion

Simplicity means the French press has far fewer moving parts than an electric coffeemaker. In fact, the device has only two basic parts: the glass or stainless-steel beaker and the plunger mechanism.  

That’s why a well-built, classic French press is a perfect camping companion. It’s tough, durable, and portable – and it makes a great cup of Joe.

Below are our insights into three French press coffeemakers. What makes them special is that each is rugged enough to tote on your next camping trip.

Stanley French Press

The Stanley Classic Stay Hot 48 Oz French Press is quite big. The company designed this stainless steel, vacuum insulated mesh filter press for sharing. It holds over 1.4 liters of caffeine goodness and is great for groups.

The big selling point of this coffee maker is the fact that it’s made of metal. There are no dainty glass parts to chip or break on this French press. You can drop it as many times as you want. Your floor might get scuffed but your French Press won’t.

“The mesh plunger is strong enough to keep animals in their field,” Stanley claims. Still, the mesh is fine enough to keep grounds out of your cup – just don’t go extra-fine.

The stainless-steel lid fits snug as a piston. You’ll get a gratifying sensation when you push it down. This coffee maker is easy to disassemble and clean, too, which makes in an excellent campsite companion.

Our verdict? Yes, this product is great for the outdoors and camping. But we found it so reliable that we’ve used it each day at home, too.

Two layers of BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel walls provide excellent insulation. So, you can make a great cup of Joe and keep it hot for up to 4 hours.  It can keep cold drinks cold for up to 9 hours, as well.

The Stanley Classic Stay Hot 48 Oz French Press is for sharing.
The Stanley Classic Stay Hot 48 Oz French Press is for sharing.

Mueller Stainless Steel French Press

The Mueller Double Insulated Stainless Steel French Press is an impressively stylish coffee maker with a good, solid base. There is little chance of you somehow knocking it over. It feels solidly made with double-walled stainless steel and is amply sized.

The thing about this coffee maker is that it’s pretty. It’s so pretty, you might think it’s not rugged enough for the outdoors. But it’s thicker and heavier than others and it’s built to last. It’s drop proof and rust proof. Mueller jokingly claims it’s also “probably bulletproof.”

This press not only looks good but performs well, too. With the high-quality triple layered filter, there’s little chance any rogue grounds will sneak into your coffee. The result is coffee that’s grit-free and delicious.

Mueller says this double-layered stainless-steel coffee maker will keep your coffee hot for 60 minutes longer than others.

We liked the double stainless-steel walls and the double encapsulated lid. These made the press feel extra hard-wearing. And yes, it did keep our coffee warm for hours. You even get a nice little container for your grounds.

Besides using this French press as a coffee maker, it is also handy for making other beverages. You can use it to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, frothed milk, and fruit infusions.

The Mueller Double Insulated Stainless Steel French Press is a stylish coffee maker with a good, solid base.
The Mueller Double Insulated Stainless Steel French Press is a stylish coffee maker with a good, solid base.

Coffee Gator French Press

The Coffee Gator French Press comes in three separate pieces. There is a vacuum-layered stainless-steel carafe, a double-layered filter, and – like the Mueller – a container for grounds.

Coffee Gator also throws in a free eBook with each purchase of this French press. The eBook, titled “10 Hacks to Make Better Coffee,” is straightforward and easy to follow.

You can choose one of five colors for the carafe. Each one is built from military-grade steel, which makes the device look and feel durable. The lid is also stainless steel- as well as the plunger.

Outdoors or in the kitchen, we’ve always preferred stainless steel over glass when it comes to French press coffeemakers. It’s more resistant and will keep your coffee hot for longer.

Sure enough, the Coffee Gator performed well during our tests. It produced a nearly sediment-free cup. This outcome is in large part the result of the double mesh filters, which we thoroughly appreciated.

The well-matched carafe and plunger assembly further minimized the sediment, of course. We liked how the design trapped the grounds without hampering the plunger’s easy movement.

When the coffee is drained, cleaning the Coffee Gator is a cinch, too. Just throw out the grounds and pop the device into the dishwasher.

Overall, we found this product quite impressive. We say it’s an excellent investment for people who are both outdoors enthusiasts and coffee lovers.

Sure, the unit’s modern-industrial styling and appearance might not be to everyone’s liking. But, at least in this case, it’s what comes out of the spout that matters more.

The Coffee Gator performed well during our tests.
The Coffee Gator performed well during our tests.

“The Best Cup of Coffee Known to Mankind …”

If you’ve never used a French press before, then you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. Well, coffee connoisseurs swear that the French press makes the best cup of coffee.

In fact, the CEO of Starbucks made a surprising – and eventually controversial – comment in 2012. Howard Schultz said he uses a French press which results in “the best cup of coffee known to mankind.”

Need we say more?



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