10 Apps For Your Home Improvement Projects

10 Home Improvement Apps

Nobody ever means to hire a sloppy contractor, but nearly every homeowner has had to deal with one at some point.  The potential headaches are, of course, all too familiar.  There is shoddy workmanship, inexplicable delays, and the bill that somehow keeps growing. Worse yet, a contractor takes your money, doesn’t finish the job, and then […]

Clever Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life

Magazine holders... all it takes is imagination!

Have you got some magazine holders at home that you don’t use anymore? They could be used in several other clever ways! Before you throw them away, consider their potential for helping you to be better organized at home! Do you need a storage solution for kitchen tools, footwear or your craft materials? See the different […]

Get Floored with the Right Tiles

Floor Tiles

By guest blogger, Lauren Bracy A house looks great when it’s well constructed, but it becomes lovelier, even beautiful when its interiors are carefully chosen and well placed. Everything must match as well as functional from floor to ceiling, furniture and decorations, and any permanent fixture. Extra care must be taken to ensure that they’re durable […]

Welcome to the world of natural swimming ponds!

So much nicer than the traditional pool - a living swimming pond by Biotop

If you ask Wikipedia, “A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond (NSP) is a system consisting of a constructed body of water, where the water is contained by an isolating membrane or membranes, in which no chemicals or devices that disinfect or sterilize water are used, and all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological […]

Is a natural swimming pond the solution to swimming pool headaches?

Water feature or swimming pool – you decide! Designed and built by Biotop Natural Pools.

If you’ve got a pool, you know the routine. Everyone’s happy to use it but you’re the bunny that has to maintain it! Doesn’t it make you wonder that while many homeowners consider it a necessity, others see it as a daily burden and a disaster waiting and begging to happen? It’s a fact that […]

Do swimming pools really add more value to your property?

Pools - benefit or burden?

Before adding a pool to your home, it pays to consider your medium term intentions. Will you still be living there in five years? Will your children still be living at home? A pool is a major expense. But is it an investment in anything more than leisure? A pool can increase the resale value […]

Nine reasons you need to get rid of your lawn!

The view from my office door

I’ve been a ‘no-lawn’ advocate for at least the last 25 years. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, why do so many millions of us get out every weekend and mow our lawns? OK, if you’ve got young children, you’re excused for […]

Easy and Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Homes in general have a real need for improvements every once in a while. Certain elements inside them will deteriorate over time and will need to be replaced. This is essential if you are planning on selling as small things can often put buyers off. Of course, improvements can be expensive so you would do well […]

What you need to know about pests when remodeling a home

By guest blogger, Angela Thomas Planning on remodeling your home? If there are pests present in your home, it may not be just your home life that’s going to be interrupted during a remodel but theirs too. Probably one of the worst times for you to be dealing with a pest infestation is during a […]

The Dunny-ization of Residences

Dunny – noun, plural dunnies. Australian and NZ Slang. an outside toilet; outhouse. From British dialect dunnekin meaning an ‘earth closet, (outside) privy’ from dung + ken ‘house’. First used Around 1780 – 1790 Opinion by architect and guest blogger, Russell Hall. Who remembers the thunder box at the rear of the back yard — quite […]