Bathroom Remodel

6 Creative Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Home renovation projects are a great way to restore glory to an aging or a not-so-great-looking home. You could do a kitchen remodel, install a luxury swimming pool, manicure your backyard, or build a gazebo, but none of these projects packs an impactful punch as a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Makeover Magic: 6 Ideas to Elevate Your Space

A luxury bathroom remodel creates a relaxing oasis, transforming your home into a magical spa. When you step into this magical spa, you’re hit with an aroma you can’t quite put your finger on and transported into a wonderland of serenity where you can recharge in solitude.

Not only does a bathroom remodel transform your home into an oasis of self-care, but it also significantly adds value to your home. Major bathroom remodels can increase a home’s value by as much as 58%.

However, as you’ll find out, bathroom remodelling projects can be ridiculously expensive. A major bathroom remodel can cost as much as $80,000. The good news is that you don’t need to splurge on a bathroom to give it a fresh, new look.

However, some add-ons are worth the splurge if you wish to create a spa-like experience at home. We’ll explore remodelling options to consider if you want to create an at-home spa.

Bathroom Remodell
A luxury bathroom remodel creates a relaxing oasis, transforming your home into a magical spa.

Create an Indoor Spa With a Modern Hot Tub

What better way to create an at-home spa than to install a modern hot tub where you can calmly soak away the stress of the day?

A modern hot tub is the crème of bathroom luxury.

Depending on your tub style, you could choose a minimalist design that complements your home décor. Or create an at-home spa atmosphere that mimics the magnificent outdoor spas you see in luxury magazines right inside your bathroom.

If you opt for the latter, you’ll need to do additional minor upgrades to truly create a spa-like experience without expanding the size of your bathroom. Additional add-ons for an at-home spa may include towel warmers, radiant floor heat, and mood lighting.

Install Shower Speakers

Imagine listening to your favourite jazz in surround sound while relaxing in your hot tab. Installing shower speakers is a great way to give your bathroom a spa-like experience.

Modern bathroom designs incorporate sleek, waterproof speakers in the ceilings, making them virtually invisible. The traditional suction-cup shower speakers had many limitations that made them unreliable. The batteries needed replacing, the speaker placement on the bathroom walls wasn’t pleasing, and the sound quality was mediocre.

Modern shower speakers are not only sleek; they’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing hand-free control. The last thing you want is to change tracks with soapy hands. These speakers provide the convenience you need to control music while in the shower. 

Bathroom Remodel
Modern shower speakers are not only sleek; they’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing hand-free control.

Opt for a Heated Flooring

Imagine walking into your bathroom in winter and feeling a cozy warmth underneath your feet. That’s what you get when you install a heated floor.

If the flooring is part of your bathroom remodelling project, ditch the conventional flooring solutions and go with heated flooring. Heated floors offer many advantages compared to conventional floors. They are less expensive to install, are more aesthetically pleasing, and give your bathroom a more contemporary look.

Better still, heated floors will save you on energy costs as they are more efficient than your heating system. Plus, heated floors retain heat for a long, so comfort is guaranteed.

Change the Countertop Material

The first thing anyone who enters your bathroom will notice is the countertops. So, if you want to give your bathroom a modern, elegant look, countertops are the first place to start.

When it comes to bathroom countertops, we’re spoilt for choices. From granite to soapstone, marble, quartz, and laminate, there are myriad options to choose from. Your choice of bathroom countertops should depend on your remodelling goal.

If appearance is your top priority, quartz countertops will give you the striking look you desire. Quartz is expensive and comes in different styles and designs. Laminate countertops are your best bet if you want something inexpensive yet classy. If durability is your number #1 priority, go for granite.

Reface the Walls

While it’s often the norm, your bathroom walls don’t have to be tiled. Explore creative wall ideas that will give your bathroom a modern look.

Fresh paint could do the trick, but it’s not the best option. Instead of painting, why not install acrylic panels? Just like tiles, acrylic panels are watertight. Plus, they are better looking and leave no room for mold to grow. Expect to pay around $1,200 for acrylic panels.

Alternatively, you could install fibreglass or redecorate the space with exquisite wall art. Fiberglass is less expensive and adds a touch of sleekness to your bathroom.

Create Extra Storage Space

While your goal is to create a spa-like space in your bathroom, don’t forget storage.

A modern bathroom should have enough shelves, cabinets, and drawers to fit all your bathroom essentials. The best spas are always clean and clutter-free. Having ample storage means there’s enough space for everything, and you’ll never have to worry about clutter.

Bathroom Remodel
If you have the skills to DIY the above bathroom remodelling projects, why not go commercial and earn doing what you love?

If the drawers and shelves aren’t enough, consider adding a linen closet. You could also get creative with your vanity storage and expand it to create more space for storing towels and other bathroom supplies. You don’t have to splurge on an expensive cabinet unless it redefines the space with a modern spa-like look.

Start Your Own Remodelling Business

If you have the skills to DIY the above bathroom remodelling projects, why not go commercial and earn doing what you love? Start a bathroom remodelling business!

A bathroom remodelling business is in high demand in today’s market. Established contractors in this field earn an average salary of $72,048. And the good news; you don’t need a huge capital to get started.

All you’ll need is a quality bathroom remodelling website and a team who shares the same passion as you. As you establish a footing in the industry, you can leverage the services of a reputable agency for bathroom remodelling leads.

The beauty of using a lead generation company is that you don’t have to hire a marketing team, which saves on costs. Instead, you get qualified leads as text messages or phone calls, so you’ll always have a steady stream of leads in your pipeline.

Be sure to register your business and provide your value proposition on your website. It helps build credibility and edge out the competition.

Wrapping Up

Bathroom remodelling can be expensive, but the rewards are worth every effort. You get to create an at-home spa in your bathroom, add aesthetic beauty to your home, and significantly increase your home’s value. These remodelling projects are the best way to give your bathroom a makeover.



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