What to Consider When Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

Photograph of medical instruments on a surgery table.

Have you started looking into the health insurance plans that are available? If so, you probably know there are a lot of options. This can make the decision of which one to use complicated and frustrating.  The good news is, when you know what to look for and what to consider, you can find the […]

Don’t Wash Raw Chicken, USDA Warns

Don't wash raw chicken!

You might think it’s good hygiene to give that bird a rinse before you cook it. A US government report says otherwise. The report, a joint effort between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and researchers from the University of North Carolina, supports findings of previous research on the subject. You should rinse fresh fruits and […]

What You Should Know About Sleep Loss

Sleep Loss and Its Consequences

Some years into World War II, the US military realized it had a problem. Due to the enormous pressures of aerial combat, many of its pilots were amassing levels of stress so devastating they were beginning to crack. The stress caused poor judgment and performance during missions. Pilots began making deadly mistakes. They were shooting […]

Lower Back Pain: The Myths vs The Facts

Back Pain

If you’ve ever slept in an awkward position or lifted something the wrong way, then you are familiar with that roaring pain in the lower back. Around two-thirds of all Americans will experience significant lower back pain at least once during their lives. The Australian Bureau of Statistics meanwhile, estimates that about four million Australians […]

UK Teen Goes Blind on Junk Food

Boy Goes Blind on Junk Food

By the time the boy was 15, he had begun to lose both his hearing and his eyesight. He was not over or underweight, but was gravely malnourished.

APP- etites: Downsizing the Fat Continent

Obesity is a global problem

The US Census Bureau conducted its first National Health Survey in the early 1960s. The results of the survey indicated that 23 percent of American adults were overweight.  The number increased steadily over the course of two more national surveys over the years. By the late 1970s, the proportion of overweight American adults had swollen to […]

Scientists are Creating Human-Monkey Hybrids in China

Human-Monkey Hybrids in China

Scientists may have just taken a leap into the vast unknown by injecting human cells into monkey embryos.   Is this a life-saving breakthrough, or are we headed for catastrophe?  The Spanish daily, El Pais, claims a team of researchers have created embryos that are part human, part monkey.  The Spanish-born biologist, Juan Carlos Izpisúa […]

Pesticides Causing Mass Bee Deaths in Brazil, Say Researchers

Mass Bee Deaths

Bees are dying in alarming numbers in the southern regions of Brazil. Beekeepers in four states there report that some 400 million bees have died over the past three months. Researchers say the main cause of death of the bees is pesticides. They point to two chemicals, in particular: neonicotinoids and fipronil.   Aldo Machado, vice president of […]

Biologists Look to the Dawn of Life to Study the Causes of Cancer

Cancer has origins in ancient cellular pathways

Has cancer touched your life? People who have loved ones or friends afflicted with the disease are often left to wonder why cancer exists at all.   The answer, like the disease, is surprisingly complicated. Cancer is part of life’s ancient apparatus. The disease is not a modern aberration, but a bygone survival response embedded […]

How Mosquitoes Shaped History


In Spanish, the word mosquito means “little gnat,” but there is nothing diminutive about its association with human suffering. There is little doubt that few creatures on the planet evoke as much aversion as the mosquito. Their buzzing presence and their itchy, irritating bites can ruin any afternoon outdoors.  There is also the infuriating noise, completely […]