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Student years are the best and most crucial time in every person’s life. Education gives us a path to a bright future and helps us figure out what we want. We live in a world where everyday technology increasingly engages in all spheres of life, and education is no exception. 

Nineteen significantly impacted the field of education and introduced distance learning almost everywhere. Such a transition could become very stressful for students since the Internet usually distracts them and does not help them learn. 

But many productivity apps can be helpful for students and provide quality education to anyone. Let’s check them one by one!

Text editors

Everyone will agree that writing essays, abstracts, or any written work are much more convenient in applications than on paper. Registering using the application allows you to do a lot of formatting and make your work perfect. There are tons of different writing apps out there.

Google Docs

This application will be highly convenient for a student since it can synchronize with other Google products, for example, Google Drive. It is convenient because you don’t have to worry that some change or work has not been saved. There are many formatting options, including:

  • font;
  • font style;
  • font size;
  • text color;
  • color selection;
  • line spacing and many others.

In addition to creating new files, this application allows you to edit other people’s files if they give you access.

This application is most frequently used by students when writing essays. Whether a student is writing an essay about global warming, problems in society, the 13th documentary summary essay, or anything else, this program will come in handy. 

In order to compose an essay, selecting a suitable subject matter is essential, as it is not simply the ability to write that determines the quality of the essay. However, the modern age affords ample opportunity to find excellent examples of essays to inform and refine the composition of one’s work.

Many applications help you focus on practical things you need by blocking other distracting applications.
Many applications help you focus on practical things you need by blocking other distracting applications.

Apps for concentration or productivity programs

Many students may find learning applications ineffective due to the easily accessible nature of social media on mobile devices, which can be a distraction from studying. In such cases, many applications help you focus on practical things you need by blocking other distracting applications.


This app allows you to block all distracting apps except those you add to the detailed list. After activating the program, you will not be able to use other programs. If you try to open Instagram or anything else, the app will automatically close, and an OFFTIME message will appear on the screen. 

Here you can also set goals and set the application blocking time. There is also a section called my day. With the help of this function, you will be able to analyze which application you spend the most time on. With OFFTIME, you can create different profiles for different purposes. 

You can also use this application if you want to rest and sleep. You can also add notifications to the list so that you are not distracted by any messages while studying. Not only that, but you can also block calls and mute them.


This application is ideal for those who cannot put their down phone and concentrate on other matters. Every time a student wants to do something useful, he can turn on the timer in the application. 

When the timer starts on the screen, a tree begins to grow. At first, students will only see a small grid of dots, but the longer the student is off the phone, the larger the tree becomes. The tree will die if the student does not meet the set time limit and enters any other application. 

You can even grow a whole forest, in which there will be both dead trees and healthy ones. Each time a student follows the rules, he will receive virtual money to exchange for new types of trees.

Apps for planning

Many people prefer to plan their day outside of physical notebooks. After all, carrying a phone with you is much more convenient than a notebook. 

But at the same time, simply writing down plans in ordinary notes on the phone can be inconvenient and uninteresting. Many applications can help you organize your projects for the day.

Google Calendar

This planning application is highly renowned. Here you can save your study schedule and plan things for the whole day. Since this is an application from Google, there is full integration with other products. 

That is, you will be able to synchronize your calendar with Google Docs and anything else. You can create different events and set reminders and other goals. You can also configure the calendar so that all critical letters related to events are immediately shown to you in the calendar. 

This application will be handy for busy students who usually need to recognize to do something. It will help you adequately plan your day and manage everything.

Programs for storage

Every day, our world is becoming increasingly integrated with various technologies. And for students, this is a great advantage. In ancient times, to avoid losing all the necessary information and various documents, students had to carry a tremendous amount of work with them. 

They were constantly afraid that something would be lost. Nowadays, it has become much easier since many applications will help to store all the necessary information in 1 place.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a complimentary software resource for students and the most widely employed tool for storing vital data. You can upload various files and folders to the cloud, and you can also create new ones. There is also an image-scanning function. 

Google Drive also includes Google Photos, where you can keep all your photos while deleting them from your phone’s gallery, freeing up space on your phone. This application is integral to student life since students can not worry that some of their work will be lost and can access them anytime and anywhere.


So there are many valuable applications for studying. You should not be afraid that if you learn using modern technologies, you will be distracted since all applications will improve your study skills and make it easier. 

With applications, you will understand that you can study and work using only a laptop and a phone. It will make your student’s life even more satisfactory.



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