8 Ways To Promote Your World Cancer Day Seminar

With 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States yearly, the disease has become the second leading cause of death. Educational and awareness initiatives like seminars are thus important so that more people can reduce their risk for preventable cancers and get early cancer screening.

World Cancer Day, which happens on the fourth of February each year, is an excellent opportunity to spread the word. If you’re planning on holding an event related to cancer, here are eight ways to promote it and ensure good attendance.

If you’re planning on holding an event related to cancer, here are eight ways to promote it and ensure good attendance.
If you’re planning on holding an event related to cancer, here are eight ways to promote it and ensure good attendance.

Hand Out Flyers

Marketing your events on social media isn’t enough. Flyers can help you seal the deal by helping you reach out to people within a certain vicinity. They provide a quick and hard copy of your event that gives people an easy reference on important details like when it’s scheduled to take place, where to go, and other details. 

While reproducing flyers is often inexpensive, having a professional-looking design can significantly add to your budget. You may have to look for graphic designers, conduct a few design studies, and coordinate necessary adjustments before arriving at your final flyer design. 

An easier way to create flyers is to use one of the many flyer maker tools available online. These applications often offer a collection of professionally designed templates that you can customize and use without blowing your marketing budget. 

Start a Hashtag Campaign

Cancer doesn’t just disrupt physical health. It can also create an emotional barrier between patients and their loved ones. Create an emotional connection with your attendees by establishing a #wereallinthistogether campaign online. Use it to offer support, hope, and a greater sense of connection.

Encourage cancer survivors to share their stories using your seminar’s hashtag. You can also employ user-generated content to discuss their stories and educate your audience on how to maintain and improve patient well-being.

Use Video Marketing

Most people prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a short video. Because video is generally regarded as credible, you can gain the trust of your targeted audience by sharing thoughtful patient testimonials and stories, information about keynote speakers, and short educational reels on all things cancer. You can also pay industry influencers to post about your event and share content on your behalf. 

Remember to create content for niche communities rather than general ones. Targeted content is more relevant, engaging, and effective than general content that tries to address too many people.

Optimize Your Website

Have an event website that contains all the information and updates regarding your upcoming event. It should include important event details such as keynote speakers, transportation details, what to expect, registration details, the itinerary, testimonials and reviews from previous seminar attendees, and so on.

You should also optimize it by:

  • Developing a responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Improving website loading times to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates
  • Making services, treatment options, and other important information visible and easily accessible

Employ Cross-Promotions

Cross-promotions are one of the most cost-effective ways to broaden your reach, build your reputation, and maximize your marketing efforts. If you’re thinking about using cross-promotion as a marketing strategy, identify and connect with companies and individuals who are relevant to your event.

You can also ask your keynote speakers, previous attendees, and sponsors to promote your event on their social accounts in exchange for added benefits and freebies. It’s sure to boost ticket sales while helping you spread the word organically. 

Use Ads To Generate Leads

Employ paid banner ads on websites frequented by physicians and other healthcare professionals to maximize your reach. You can also use LinkedIn to push ads to your targeted audience and experiment with different demographics. While you’re at it, look into local search engine optimization strategies to target professionals in your area.

Like your flyers, you can customize them in any way you want without stretching your budget. 
Like your flyers, you can customize them in any way you want without stretching your budget. 

Put Up Posters

Seventy percent of people are more likely to remember a print advertisement than an online ad. Posters with eye-catching designs and compelling messages increase brand visibility, are significantly less expensive to print and install, provide design flexibility, help form an emotional connection, and provide clear call-to-actions that boost customer response.

To reap its full benefits, including your logo, slogans, and other elements in your design.  Instead of hiring a designer, poster maker tools can again come to your aid. Within minutes, you can have a Cancer Day poster that has the look and feel you’re going for. Like your flyers, you can customize them in any way you want without stretching your budget. 

Provide Relevant Updates

Throughout event planning, you need to keep your leads and confirmed attendees interested and engaged with timely and regular updates. These updates can be about keynote speakers who have confirmed, developments regarding the venue, countdowns to the event, and more.

Put yourself in the position of your stakeholders and anticipate what they’d like to be informed about. You can even interview a few people to learn what’s relevant for them and what would be interesting topics. 

Create a communications calendar that includes when and how to send out information about promotions, invitations, etc. This will help keep your attendees, participants, speakers, and other stakeholders in the loop and interested in your event.

Wrapping Up

These marketing strategies will assist you in developing a strong marketing strategy that will easily and effectively attract your target audience. Remember to keep your audiences in mind, provide easily accessible information, and form relevant connections with healthcare professionals and other subject matter experts.

Event marketing can get expensive really quickly. Whenever possible, use online tools to create custom content. Some of its downloadable templates are free while those that aren’t are competitively priced so it won’t put a dent in your event budget. You get polished results and thousands of templates to choose from, allowing you to match the look and style of your event with your print and online collateral.

Cancer conferences such as those that take place on World Cancer Day are important and make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families. Among other things, they allow the different patient care teams to come together and learn about new and existing treatments and techniques to give patients the best care possible.



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