What DIY Tools do You Need For Your Home Renovation Business?

Since the global pandemic hit, more homeowners have decided to do large-scale renovations to their homes. For example, the UK has seen a 50% increase in renovation work within just two years. And it’s a similar story in many countries.

This home improvement boom in the UK and elsewhere means that there is an increase in demand for skilled professionals and businesses.

It can be difficult to know where to begin with starting a home renovation business, especially amidst the challenges that the combination of Brexit and COVID have posed regarding the shortages of materials.

Those thinking of starting their own renovation business should first decide what services they plan to offer.
Those thinking of starting their own renovation business should first decide what services they plan to offer.

Those thinking of starting their own renovation business should first decide what services they plan to offer. This will then make the task of choosing equipment much simpler and more cost-effective.

Below are some of the most important tools to consider and why they will prove useful for your business.


During home projects, you are likely to neglect your safety, especially if you are inexperienced in your role. In the UK alone, around 70 deaths and thousands of injuries are reported each year due to DIY accidents and a lack of health and safety precautions.

The most important piece of protective equipment would have to be the helmet or hard hat. A serious blow to the head can have more serious outcomes than anywhere else on the body. The helmet should be the correct size, to be strapped securely without being uncomfortable.

Additionally, safety glasses and a face mask should be worn depending on the task at hand to protect the eyes and airways. A suitable pair of earplugs will mitigate potential damage to the ears from the use of loud equipment


A sander is necessary if you plan to smooth, polish, and clean different types of surfaces, such as wood or plastic, preparing them for finishing. There are different types of sanders, so it is best to evaluate what you plan on offering to clients and purchase equipment to suit those needs.

For example, sanding larger surfaces will require a more robust piece of equipment, whereas hard-to-reach areas, like skirting boards, may need a smaller, hand-held device.

When sanding anything, be aware of the risk that comes from the fine particles that will be floating in the air. These can cause serious, long-term injury to your airways and lungs so don’t ignore the need to wear a good quality mask.

Drill and drill bits

No DIY fanatic or business owner would be complete without a sturdy drill set. Cordless drills in particular are highly convenient, allowing you to move flexibly and worry less about tangling wires.

It also negates the need to use screwdrivers – simply use the screw tip to affix and assemble a screw into the surface of your material. Make sure to check the drill bit turns properly whenever operating so that it doesn’t tremble and create larger holes than you anticipate.

Having the appropriate tools for a job is necessary for the success of any business.
Having the appropriate tools for a job is necessary for the success of any business.

Sealing gun

Prepare to become highly familiar with sealing guns during projects, whether it be applying caulk to skirting, windows or showers. You should aim to buy a high-quality caulking or sealing gun that is comfortable to manage, to ensure the finished job is up to standard and as little mess is made as possible.

If you will take online courses in home renovation or basic DIY, one of the first things you will learn is the importance of having a complete collection of tools, one of which is the formidable sealing gun! This small powerhouse is the unsung hero of any project requiring a tight seal or a smooth finish.

Laser measure

Regardless of your ability to utilize technology in your work, a laser measure will no doubt make your job much easier. They can provide incredibly accurate measurements of almost anything, which sometimes human operators aren’t always capable of.

The devices are also light in weight, allowing easy transportation and the ability to keep on you at all times. The almost instantaneous measurements will save you a lot of time during each job, improving your day-to-day efficiency.

Mitre Saw

A miter saw allows you to make an assortment of angled cuts through materials like wood, which makes it ideal for projects like shed building. You may decide to use a regular hand saw in place of a miter saw; although, the latter will finish the job in a fraction of the time.

There are different options for these saws, that determine the length at which cuts can be made. Mounted saws have a sliding bar that allows cuts to be made at longer distances as opposed to ones that have a fixed saw blade. Newer cordless models allow you to take on jobs from outside without the need for extension cables and reduce the risk of serious injury from cables being tangled.


The Jigsaw is a powerful, yet relatively inexpensive tool, able to produce rounded cuts. When equipped with a suitable blade, this type of saw is able to precisely cut a variety of materials, including plywood, metal, and ceramic tiles.

These saws are perfect for those who are less experienced or confident using saws due to their straight, narrow blade, which only moves up and down and can be easily maneuvered using the handle.

Circular Saw

The circular saw is the ideal tool for when other types of saw don’t meet the necessary cutting length or if you need higher precision. Circular saws enable you to cut evenly along a piece of wood or sheet material, which can save you some much-needed time during renovations.

Like other tools listed here, you can opt for a corded or cordless model – again, we recommend a cordless model to improve your safety when working.

Angle grinder

Angle grinders are a versatile tool, able to grind metal, cut tile, and even polish or sharpen. Large models are available, but the popular choice would be the smaller-sized models. The primary job of the tool is to clean metal, ensuring it is left with a smooth and polished look, void of rust and paint.

You can also use an angle grinder to sharpen your other tools if they begin to develop dull edges, just make sure to keep rotating the angle grinder so the metal does not overheat.

Nail gun

Nail guns are an essential tool for any renovation expert, providing almost instantaneous results during projects in place of a hammer. This also means nails are more likely to be driven into materials accurately – all the user needs to ensure is that the tip of the nail is held at a right angle. If you plan to restore old furniture, this tool is a necessity due to its light design and ability to hold multiple nails with ease.


Having the appropriate tools for a job is necessary for the success of any business. There is a variety of tools available that will aid you in renovation tasks, so ensure that you only buy tools relevant to the jobs you plan to offer to clients.

Doing so will ensure you do not waste your money and reduces the amount of equipment you need to carry along with you. Now that you are armed with the essential list, you can gather your home renovation tools with ease.



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