5 Evergreen Mother’s Day Presents

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s best to start brainstorming for the perfect present for your mom early on. Get rid of the last-minute and pressuring feeling of getting anything for your mom’s special day. The fact is you don’t need to spend many hours browsing online for the best Mother’s Day gift; chances are your mom would adore any gift you’ll send her way, as long as it’s meaningful and genuine. 

If your mom is a fan of nature and eco-friendly products, this article will help you with a list of evergreen gift suggestions. Consider the following evergreen Mother’s Day present ideas that your mom will definitely appreciate:

Happy mother's day!

1. Flowers 

The most staple gift piece for this special day is a bouquet of beautiful Mother’s Day flowers. Unique designs are available for Mother’s Day flowers. There are a plethora of flower choices to select from, and you can have them contained in different packaging types, too. Go for a bouquet, gift box, vase, basket, and other unique encasements.

It’s quite customary to give white carnations to mothers on Mother’s Day. This tradition was started by the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Reeves Jarvis, in the early 1900s. These beautiful flowers symbolize good luck and purity. However, if your mom does have a different favorite flower type, you may opt for that instead. 

2. Tree Sapling 

There are different ways to gift your mom a tree. Either give her a tree sapling to grow and care for herself, or have a tree planted in her name. A gift like this will continue to grow over time, so she’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

If the tree is planted in your home, your mom and the entire household will be able to take advantage of increased oxygen levels as trees can purify the air around them. They also provide shade, enhance aesthetics, and improve your mom’s mood when going outdoors for a breath of fresh air. Now, this makes a tree a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

3. Herb Garden 

Provide your mom with a mini herb garden that she can care for by the window, or on her patio or balcony. An herb garden can be a great way to upgrade her patio experience.

Herbs aren’t that difficult to care for, so she can afford some short care time for her herb babies even if she’s ordinarily busy. You can get her herb garden kits, so your mom will be able to harvest fresh herbs whenever she likes. Also, especially as spring approaches, fresh herbs make for a beautiful and delicious gift for mom. 

Consider what type of flavor profile or theme your mom would like before starting your herb garden. Consider all the rich flavors she usually adds when cooking meals and dishes at home. This will help you come up with the right herbs to buy. You can choose among basil, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano, and so much more herb choices. 

You can even consider buying unique herbs that she may not have to use in the kitchen, but for personal use. Some herbs can be made into essential oils, soaps, and other DIY projects.

It’s recommended that you purchase starter plants when buying herbs. A starter plant is a seedling that has already begun to grow. This makes it easier for your mom to care for, nurture, and grow.  

4. Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants are an excellent alternative if you want to take a pause giving flowers this year. Like your mom, plants know only how to offer, which is a quality that she and plants share. Make your mom feel loved by gifting her some of the best indoor plants you can find. 

Plants do come with many purposes and benefits, but, essentially, they never fail to purify the air and make the mood seem lighter. A house plant can live in your mother’s home for as long as she wants, in comparison to flowers.

Consider the following indoor plants to give your mom this Mother’s Day: 

  • Watermelon Peperomia 

This plant enjoys additional humidity, so this could be perfect for giving your mom if she lives in a rain-prone area. On the contrary, if your mom lives in a dry region, it’s best to avoid this plant and go for something else. Put the pot on a pebble tray and mist the leaves several times per week to boost water absorption. You can search more about this specific plant and teach your mom about its care requirements.  

  • Ponytail Palm 

This plant is technically succulent, making it slow-growing and drought-tolerant. It can be a significant decorative element for your mom’s home, too. This plant is perfect for those who don’t have time to take care of home plants or travelers, as it requires little maintenance, can be left alone for an extended period of time, and doesn’t require watering that much. Give your mom a ponytail palm if she’s always up and about.  

  • Chinese Evergreen 

Chinese evergreens mimic the colorful hues of flowers, but they live longer. Thanks to their bright and beautiful leaves, they can give vibrance to your mom’s home. Their leaves usually come in different patterns and colors. Choose one that can match your mom’s interiors and home theme. 

5. Gift Certificates To Green Businesses 

Make a difference and treat your mom at the same time by patronizing eco-friendly businesses in your local area. This is one of the best evergreen Mother’s Day gift ideas you can opt for. Purchase some gift certificates and allow your mom to pick her own gift. Check out some local eco-friendly stores near you and see which one your mom loves and frequently visits. This gift idea allows your mom to choose whatever present she wants freely, so you won’t have to worry if she loved your gift or not.

Find a store that sells home décor items, like evergreen lamps, vases, shelving, photo frames, art pieces, and other decorative elements. These are all perfect for a stay-at-home mom who constantly wants to beautify her home. Whatever product she’ll choose, rest assured that she, indeed, wants it for herself.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, people are searching for a gift that will make their moms feel special and not harm anyone. The evergreen choices mentioned above are all probable gift ideas for your mom. The key is to have it personalized as much as possible, so your mom will appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness even more.



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