The Smart Approach to Renovation: 6 Benefits of Installing Smart Kitchen Appliances

Just because your kitchen serves the stomach doesn’t mean it can’t have a brain. Smart devices are all the rage in today’s totally technological world, and they’ve finally reached beyond the kitchen doors. 

If you’ve been looking to give your kitchen an upgrade, trusted retailers like Goedeker’s can help with appliance package deals to make your shopping as smart as your new kitchen tech. If your head is swimming with visions of robots taking over your countertops, here are six benefits of smart kitchen appliances to help bring you forward into the twenty-first century. 

Improved control

The main benefit of smart appliances is the ability to control all of your devices from one place. Smart appliances connect to your home’s WiFi, allowing you to use apps on your phone or tablet to monitor your electric helping hands remotely.

This connection lets you control your devices even when you aren’t at home. You can preheat your oven while on the way home from work or start your coffee brewing on the way back from your morning run. If you’ve ever dreamt of being in two places at once, these gadgets can help bring you one step closer. 

Useful notifications

If you’re a chronic worrier à la “Did I leave the oven on?” these apps have a fix for that.  If anyone leaves the stove on or the oven door open, you’ll receive a notification on your phone alerting you. 

These notifications can also help diagnose issues. If your appliance reports a problem rising to temperature or running a function, it can notify you. You can then call the manufacturer and tell them the problem you’re having, no more waiting an hour for dinner only to realize that your oven is still stone cold. The manufacturer can send a signal to the device and determine the problem remotely with minimal headache.

Increased energy efficiency

Smart appliances can report on how much energy they are using and how that compares to other devices. With that info, you can figure out ways to improve your energy usage and reduce the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

Enhanced safety features

Many smart appliances can also recognize when safe practices aren’t followed and warn you before it becomes a problem. A smart oven can notify you when someone leaves a burner on for too long, for example. With these features in place, you can keep your family and home safe from preventable kitchen mishaps. 

Smarter cooking

If you’re not the handiest person in the kitchen, then smart appliances can offer you help while cooking. Some apps allow you to scan a food item’s barcode and receive cooking instructions for preparing your food. You can then set the timers and settings for your appliance and work on other tasks while your food cooks. 

Greater appliance performance

Smart appliances can streamline the quality and consistency of your food, thanks to the ability to create settings and profiles. If you prefer your food or coffee a certain way, you can plug that setting into the device. The appliance will then follow those instructions every single time as long as you keep it supplied with the ingredient the appliance needs. 

One last thing

The main takeaway about smart kitchen appliances is the convenience and features that they offer. Innovation and technology have come together to make the entire home more responsive and convenient, not just the kitchen. Take a look at some of the appliances on the market, and see if their features could improve your life. 



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