We’re driving ourselves to extinction!

The white rhinoceros now numbers less than 2,500 while all rhino species total less than 29,000 animals - down from more than 500,000 in 1900!

It has been a contentious subject, but anthropogenic extinction is now a science based reality. “We are sawing off the limb that we are sitting on,” according to renown author and scientist, Paul Ehrlich. Winner of the Nobel equivalent, Crafoord Prize, Bing Professor of Population Studies in biology and a senior fellow at the Stanford […]

Human beings are great runners because we’re stupendous sweaters!

A fit and healthy human can run much greater distances than most other species

We’ve understood for a long time that being bi-pedal gave our forebears a significant survival advantage. Being able to see prey and predators long before they see you certainly helps determine who or what ends up on the dinner plate. But now we’ve found that our best survival trait in those early times may have […]