5 Popular Eye-Candy Garden Features

By guest blogger, Heather Roberts

Don’t fall victim to the common misconception that gardening mostly means growing and looking after plants. The garden can be quickly turned into an exciting place that could be an extension of your home. 


Beautiful gardens often come at a price as maintenance can be costly as well as time-consuming. There are a lot of things you can do to it – from pathways and creative landscaping to putting some special features that are fit for every budget and style. But anyone can really have a beautiful garden if they set their heart to it. Add a feature here and there and managing it can be a breeze.

Here are just a few handy ideas that you might want to consider:

1. Pathways


Most gardens feature at least a pathway, which serves a practical purpose. You can’t be treading in mud every time it rains outside, as garden care won’t wait for the ground to dry. In addition to their practical functionality, paths have the potential to greatly enhance their aesthetics.

In tailoring your garden to your preferences, a variety of materials are at your disposal. Options range from the understated elegance of gravel, and the sturdy permanence of concrete and brick, to the organic allure of ground covers and mulch that exude a more natural aesthetic.

Survey the overall style of your area, letting it serve as your guiding compass. Let your gaze encompass every element, from the layout to the choice of plants, as these components will shape the ambience you seek to create.

By aligning your material selection with the existing aesthetic, you ensure that your choice harmoniously integrates with the existing elements while enhancing the visual appeal.

2. Water Features


There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of water coming from your own garden. Water features tend to lend tranquillity as well as achieve a unique look for such a place. You can go with a small pond, or if you’re more ambitious, a large fountain.

If you are feeling creative, you can use a tub or a specialised container to make a pond out of. This imaginative approach can infuse your outdoor space with a touch of whimsy and create a captivating focal point that draws admiration.

Alternatively, if simplicity aligns more with your vision, the inclusion of fountains in various sizes and styles can be a strategic choice. These elegant water features not only add a soothing auditory element but also contribute to the ambience of your environment.

With their aesthetic versatility, fountains seamlessly blend into various settings, enriching the visual tapestry while requiring minimal maintenance.

3. Gates and Fences


There is a lot that fences and gates can accomplish when you feature them in your garden. The most obvious is adding privacy, but they are also used as barriers and shelter from harsh conditions.

They can function as sound barriers, diminishing the penetration of noise from the surrounding environment. This becomes notably advantageous when your garden is near a bustling road or in a loud urban setting, providing you with the opportunity to relish a more serene outdoor experience.

Additionally, they can help control the movement of wildlife in and out, preventing unwanted visitors from feasting on your plants or disturbing your garden’s harmony.

Popular Eye-Candy Garden Features5

You can choose to pick your fence or gate from a store or create your own as part of a DIY project. You just have to be careful and select a design that works well with the rest of your space – iron and wood gates are an excellent addition in every natural country setting, while picket fencing is what every cottage garden can use.

4. Garden Structures

Trellises, pergolas and arches are the best complements to fences and walls. The good thing about them is that they can be specially tailored to fit your garden style and needs – either for decorative purposes or to provide support, shading and screening.

These architectural elements extend your gardening possibilities upwards. You can incorporate hanging planters, baskets, or shelves on trellises and pergolas, letting you showcase a wider variety of plants while conserving ground space.

5. Focal Points


Never underestimate the importance of a good focal point. Statuary and ornaments have a wonderful effect on the overall look of every garden. Don’t restrict your imagination – let it soar and pick the right features for you, as they become beautiful centrepieces and don’t really require too much care. Simple cleaning from time to time is enough in most cases.

There was a time when only the privileged owned beautiful and manicured gardens. They make for a great addition to every home, especially when they are and have interesting features. It can even add value to the property if the garden is well-planned and maintained.

Nowadays, there is a lot that you can introduce in your garden. You can choose any of the examples above or consult experts. Whether it’s a pathway, a creative landscape, or a special feature, make sure that it all blends well to make your garden the beautiful sanctuary that you’ve always wanted.

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Features to Transform Your Outdoor Oasis

Immerse yourself in a realm of natural beauty and aesthetic wonder as you embark on a journey to elevate your garden to a realm of visual allure. Within these five popular eye-candy features lies the potential to transform your outdoor sanctuary into a captivating masterpiece that not only beckons to the senses but also evokes a profound sense of serenity and inspiration.

From meandering pathways to captivating focal points, these garden elements function as artistic strokes and harmonious melodies that come together to craft the distinctive composition of your outdoor haven. They provide a chance to enliven your senses, delve into your imaginative spirit, and cultivate a profound bond with the world of nature.

So, step into this world of visual delight, where your garden becomes not just an outdoor space but a living masterpiece that reflects your personal style and invites you to savour the beauty of nature every day.



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