Easy to Clean Kitchen Design Tips and Guidelines

When you decide to work on a design of a kitchen for your home, you will need to make sure you are thorough in your planning phase. The way you can handle the job will vary from home to home, but the most important part of it still remains and that is the need for a setup and surfaces made for easier cleaning. If you want to find out more check out the following:

  • Initial planning phase

Redesign for an already existing kitchen area means you will need to focus on a both the functional and aesthetic sides of the project. This means you need to take the available space into consideration and how it will impact your work. Whether you want to have a traditional set of countertops or you want something more interesting is up to you. The most important part of this is planning for your appliances in a viable way that would allow you to have a practical setup. Planning to place your appliances within easy reach of each other is an important first step, so make sure you are ready for what comes ahead. They need to be no more than six feet apart so you can utilize them quickly during cooking.


  • Storage phase

One of the more common mistakes you can make is to have a disregard for good storage space. Not only can kitchens be made easier to work on during your home cleaning sessions, they can also have much more efficient storage too. The overhead cabinets may be closer to the ceiling to avoid the gap present in most designs, often leading to a lot of dust collecting in that area.

Easy to Clean Kitchen Design Tips and Guidelines2

  • Lighting phase

Unlike most rooms around your home, kitchens need excellent lighting if you happen to be doing a lot of cooking and said lighting will prevent you from grievous bodily harm. You don’t want that to happen obviously, so make sure you choose fitting and easy cleaning light sources. This is something that could happen with a few easy steps and setting up lighting that is both powerful and out of the way.


  • Power source phase

If you want to keep things comfortable, then you will need to have all you power sockets within easy reach. Have a few of the sockets evenly placed around the kitchen for any extra appliances if you need them. Ensure they are located well away from your stove, since you don’t want to have any liquids and the sink close to your power sockets.


  • Choosing your surfaces

If you want a kitchen that is not only made for easier cleaning, but less staining then you will need the right materials to do so. Traditional kitchen designs usually have tiles all over, but that is not a must nowadays since there are plenty of useful and more flexible materials in terms of cleaning and setup. Backsplash glass, linoleum, vinyl and so much more will do just fine for kitchens, allowing easier cleaning all the way.



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