How Slow-Motion Multitasking Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

You’ve probably heard this countless times — jack of all trades are a master of none. But did you know that’s actually not the full phrase? The complete version actually goes like this — jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one. Growing up, it’s always been drilled into […]

The Stairway to Heaven Exists And It’s in China!

Heaven really is a place on earth, but the path you need to take is long and hard. Located in the Hunan province, Tianmen Shan or Heaven’s Gate Mountain claims to have not just the Stairway to Heaven but also “Heaven’s Door”. Tianmen Cave is the highest naturally formed arch in the world and it […]

Pork without meat? It’s possible with Impossible!

Silicon Valley-based company Impossible Foods is making plant-based ‘meat’ and it’s been gathering a lot of attention. Fast-food giant Burger King started selling burgers made with Impossible Beef – aptly named Impossible Whopper – in Missouri as what some believed to be an April Fools’ joke but people loved it so much that they’ve started […]

The Epidemic Accelerates!

Look down. What do you see? Statistically, at least one out of every nine of you are going to be looking at clear evidence of obesity. Ladies, for you, it’s one out of every seven! No, I’m not talking about ‘a couple of extra pounds’, I’m talking about obesity!  It gets worse… 1 in 40 of […]

Climate, Energy and the Will to Change!

Only a fool – or those politicians sitting on the religious right or in the pocket of big business – can continue to deny the link between our carbon emissions and global warming. We are the problem. We have to be the solution. Your children and their children are counting on our success. As I […]

Don’t Wash Raw Chicken, USDA Warns

Don't wash raw chicken!

You might think it’s good hygiene to give that bird a rinse before you cook it. A US government report says otherwise. The report, a joint effort between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and researchers from the University of North Carolina, supports findings of previous research on the subject. You should rinse fresh fruits and […]

What You Should Know About Sleep Loss

Sleep Loss and Its Consequences

Some years into World War II, the US military realized it had a problem. Due to the enormous pressures of aerial combat, many of its pilots were amassing levels of stress so devastating they were beginning to crack. The stress caused poor judgment and performance during missions. Pilots began making deadly mistakes. They were shooting […]

5 Furniture and Design Trends to Consider When You Redecorate Your Home

Five Furniture Trends

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen makeover or a simple room refresh, you should always consider furniture trends so you can revise in style. Choosing the right pieces can transform your entire home aesthetic. The thing to remember is that furniture styles are not as short-lived as fashion trends.  So when you do decide on […]