3 Brilliant Smart Thermostats to Elevate Your Living Space

Smart thermostats do the kind of thinking you often don’t have time to do. The little devices learn your daily routines and create home heating and cooling schedules accordingly. They save you a considerable amount of money in the process. Here are three of the best.

20 seriously cheap countries to live in (and why you wouldn’t)…

The Numbeo 'cost of living' map with green being the most affordable locations to live in and red the most expensive.

Update as of August 2023: What a difference six years can make! Obviously, the world has undergone enormous changes since this article was first published. The surging inflation of the past two years is a warning about what can happen when change overtakes our ability to cope. We’ve updated this list to reflect the changes […]

Inspiring and Uplifting: 25 Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Exercise caution in your conversations with your child, as words carry lasting effects. Demonstrating love and respect is essential. You are indeed fortunate to have these twenty-five positive things to say to your child at your disposal. Embracing the remarkable power of positive communication can genuinely transform your parent-child relationship and shape your child’s growth. […]

Of Death and Regrets

My father-in-law died last week. He didn’t ‘pass over’ or ‘pass away’. He died. He’s dead. He’s not coming back – or at least not in a recognizable form. He was 75, touring New Zealand and suddenly collapsed and died within minutes. A good death.  I can write about what he did or did not […]

The Circular Economy of Compostable Bags: How Waste Becomes Fertilizer

Compostable Bags

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the waste we generate? It’s time to explore the fascinating world of compostable bags and how they contribute to a circular economy. In this article, we will delve into the production process of compostable bags and discover their benefits for the environment. Compostable bags are an innovative […]

12 Tips To Plan the Ultimate Summer BBQ Party

Summer is finally here, and what better way is there to celebrate than with a party? Catch up with all your family and friends over a backyard barbeque party. We have compiled a list of tips to help you plan the ultimate summer party that everyone will talk about for years to come. Sizzle & […]

10 Ways to Use Golf Carts…Without Golfing

Miniature electric cars, called “golf carts,” transport golfers and their gear around the course. They run silently on rechargeable batteries and produce no harmful emissions. Since they are small, agile, and environmentally friendly, they have many potential uses outside the golf course.  These carts can be helpful as efficient shuttles, security patrols, or even local […]

Top 5 Pet Cameras with Treat Dispenser for Your Furry Friend

Being able to see and interact with your pet remotely provides peace of mind.

Get ready to be the ultimate pet parent with amazing pet cameras with treat dispenser/feeder! Never miss a moment with your furry best friends! Keep a watch on your pets whether you’re at work, conducting errands, or relaxing in the sun on vacation. You may even communicate with your dogs from a distance using cutting-edge technology! It’s […]