How to Turn Your Attic Into a Functional Space


The attic is an empty area with so much potential for most homes. This place could be a much-needed storage area for your house. Your attic could be another bedroom or living space for another family member or house guest.  Below is our comprehensive guide on making your attic a functional space.  Planning and Permission […]

How Gardening for All Ages Enriches the Lives of Seniors and Children


Gardens can do wonders for both children and seniors. Taking care of plants has a way of giving back to both the mind and body.  How can gardens be enriching to older and younger generations? Team OBN will answer that question below and provide a guide on designing a garden suited for all ages.  How […]

Mastering Pruning Techniques: A Gardener’s Guide to Thriving Plants

Gardeners tend to forget about pruning their plants. Either they do not know how to do it and its benefits. They might also be concerned about endangering their plants if done wrong. Every garden can reach its peak if the plants are properly pruned.  Below is Team Ideas24’s guide on how to prune like a […]

The Power of Lighting: Crafting the Perfect Ambiance for Your Home Design


The look and feel of your house is affected by the lighting you place in your space. Good lighting brings out the beauty of a room’s shape and ambiance. At the same time, it also improves your mood and helps you complete different tasks.  By following our guide below, getting incredible lighting for your interior […]

10 Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Sustainable Homes

This means better indoor air quality, reducing the risk of health issues such as allergies and respiratory problems.

In a time characterized by a heightened environmental consciousness and a strong commitment to sustainable living, the construction sector has experienced a remarkable evolution. Architects and builders are progressively embracing eco-friendly building materials, aiming to craft residences that excel not only in structural integrity but also in environmental stewardship. These eco-friendly building materials are shaping […]