The Workplace Rework: How to Bring Modern Style to an Old Office

In today’s modern, fast-paced business environment, you need to make sure that your business remains relevant in the market. Consumers want to buy from companies that keep up with the latest trends and tech developments. Offices all over the country are updating and evolving into hip, trendy workplaces, that are quickly replacing stuffy, dull office spaces of years gone by and it’s important that your company doesn’t get left behind. 

If your office is located in an older building, you don’t need to plaster over all of that old brick and cover up the exposed beams. In fact, blending the features of your older office space with contemporary design components can help to create a trendy, unique modern office space that you and your customers will love. The key to blending traditional with modern is balance and with the right approach, you can quickly put a modern twist on your old office design. 

Let’s take a look at a few key ways that you can modernize your office style, even if you are in an older workspace. 

Focus On The Entrance

When your clients arrive at your business premises, you need to ensure that your welcome area makes a lasting impression. Fitting out your waiting area with a sturdy coat stand, comfortable furniture, and some up-to-date literature will help to make your clients feel at ease right away. 

Paint the walls a calm, warm, welcoming color, and be sure to display your company logo and branding tastefully. A friendly receptionist to greet your guests when they arrive will of course be essential and you can go the extra mile by serving tea and coffee to clients while they wait. The modern office entrance should be much more lively and welcoming than the drab waiting areas of more traditional office spaces. 

Add Some Tech

To instantly make your office space feel more modern, add more technology throughout the workplace. Large TVs mounted to the walls can make a big impression and also be functional in conference rooms. Having clients complete paperwork on a tablet instead of paper and pen can also help to make your operation and your office space feel a little more modern. 

Choose A Minimal Theme

Modern offices are neat, clean and organised spaces that are free of clutter. Taking a minimalist approach to your design will help your team to stay organised and allow you to create an office environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and communication. Opt for modular furniture with clean, straight lines and use simple accent colours, to complement the neutral paint colours to get the most from this stylish modern design aesthetic. 

Add Some Greenery

Placing some strategically placed plants around the office will help to improve air quality in the workplace and bring some colour to the interior. Indoor plants are common in modern fit-outs as they look great and have also been linked to lowering stress and anxiety and boosting mood. Choose easy to maintain plants so that you don’t need to spend too much time keeping them alive, allowing you to focus on running your business and growing your company. 

Transform Your Old Office Space Into A Bright Modern Workplace

If you want satisfied customers and happy employees, you need to create a workplace that feels modern, warm and inviting. Following the steps outlined above, you can quickly transform your old, dull office space into a bright, modern workplace that promotes productivity. With your new surroundings, your team will be motivated and re-energised and ready to move your business forward from your stylish contemporary company offices. 



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