Don’t believe COVID-19 is being contained!

That just ain’t gonna happen until there is a coronavirus (COVID-19 strain) vaccine for everyone! Do not accuse me of scare-mongering or panicking. It won’t work because I have both science and logic on my side. And I’m fully prepared so I have no need to ‘panic’. But I digress… Right now, we do not […]

It’s NOT panic buying… it’s a totally rational response!

Why Truth Matters

We have kept an emergency food and ‘essentials’ supply for years. It’s not that we expect to use it. We’re optimists. But let’s call a spade a spade. The world is a very unstable place. Politically, we’ve got Putin, Trump, Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping all set on world domination. Geologically, we face earthquakes that […]