Let silence be your general rule…

Let silence be your general rule; or say only what is necessary and in few words. We shall, however, when occasion demands, enter into discourse sparingly, avoiding such common topics as gladiators, horse-races, athletes; and the perpetual talk about food and drink. Above all avoid speaking of persons, either in the way of praise or […]

You Mean My Dog’s Manipulating My Emotions?

Canine or human? Who’s really running the show? As any dog owner will attest, they’re just the best! The best companions, the best workmates, the best protectors, the best babysitters, the best listeners and sympathisers and the very best manipulators of your emotions! Que? Yes, it’s possible that you’re not the master in your relationship. […]

Basic Income vs Guaranteed Jobs: What If We Paid Stay-At-Home Moms?

What is we just paid stay-at-home mothers a basic income?

Editorial comment: The concept of a universal basic income (UBI) has been aired at length in recent years. The discussion has been driven by the loss of so many jobs to automation – a rapidly escalating reality. The concept of and arguments for a UBI are based on two assumptions: 1/ All nations have sovereign […]