Clean Your Home In Just 60 Minutes

Let’s not pretend otherwise… there are very few of us who would claim to actually enjoy housework. Yes, we do it, but inevitably because the only viable alternative is to hire – often unreliable – outside help.

It's possible to clean your home in just 60 minutes
It’s possible to clean your home in just 60 minutes

How long should we be spending on the task though? Because it’s a chore rather than a joy, often it takes much longer than it should. But it is possible to clean the average home from top to bottom in just 60 minutes. Here’s how…

House cleaning tools
Of course, music is definitely going to make your house cleaning routine more enjoyable!

Like most tasks, being organized is going to reduce both time and frustration.

Cleaning the kitchen
The countdown has started so let’s get stuck into the kitchen!

Hint #1: If you want to bring your kitchen sink back to an ‘as new’ appearance, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda and use a non-scratch scourer to rub it around. rinse off and voila! Use the same trick to remove stains from cups and mugs.

Hint #2: Before you put that bicarb soda away, sprinkle a good tablespoon (dry) down the drain and then pour in half a cup of white vinegar. All that frothing action will help remove built up crud from the S bend under your sink.

And now to clean the rest of the house!
The hardest part is done. Now let’s clean the rest of the house…

Hint #1: Give your bathroom mirrors and vanity top a quick wipe each time you replace the handtowel. There is usually just enough moisture in the towel to remove the toothpaste splatter the kids always seem to leave behind. It takes seconds and those towels are heading for the washing machine anyway. And because your mirrors and vanity tops are the most noticeable features of your bathrooms, when they sparkle, your bathroom always looks good.

Hint #2: Remember that bicarb soda and vinegar you used in the kitchen? Use them to clear and freshen your vanity drain.

Hint #3: Don’t put that vinegar away yet. After you’ve cleaned your toilet bowl, pour in a cup or so of vinegar. Leave it for 30 minutes and it will miraculously remove most stains. Don’t flush yet. Now add a couple of tablespoons of bicarb soda. Wait for the excitement to stop and then flush.

Finishing up the cleaning by storing, vacuuming, wipe and settle back with a coffeee
Everything in it’s place, a quick vacuum, check the windows and put the kettle on!

Hint: If you have hard floors – laminate, timber , vinyl or tiles, get yourself a good quality dust mop. They do a fantastic job of picking up an amazing assortment of stuff – from dust to dog hair and it takes just a couple of minutes to do the whole house.!

Pat yourself on the back and consider the benefits of a job well done!

The benefits of a clean home
From reducing stress to building pride, there are real benefits gained when you clean your home.

Seeing things laying around where they shouldn’t be can add to our daily stressors. Most of us like to be organized and because we are highly visual animals we like order – the ‘everything in it’s place and a place for everything’ routine. A clean, organized home is going to increase your comfort levels and all it took was 60 minutes!

In our home, the three most important cleaning tools are the dust mop, bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. Apart from being safe and environmentally friendly, all three are huge time-savers.

We all have ‘tricks’ that reduce our household workload. What are yours?




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