Do swimming pools really add more value to your property?

Pools - benefit or burden?

Before adding a pool to your home, it pays to consider your medium term intentions. Will you still be living there in five years? Will your children still be living at home? A pool is a major expense. But is it an investment in anything more than leisure? A pool can increase the resale value […]

Stranger than fiction…

Stranger than fiction, weirder than weird! There are so many fascinating facts and just as many false beliefs rattling around in all of our brains. For your entertainment – as well as mine, I decided to collate a few of the one’s where I would have said ‘no way’! How many of these did you already […]

Is a natural swimming pond the solution to swimming pool headaches?

Water feature or swimming pool – you decide! Designed and built by Biotop Natural Pools.

If you’ve got a pool, you know the routine. Everyone’s happy to use it but you’re the bunny that has to maintain it! Doesn’t it make you wonder that while many homeowners consider it a necessity, others see it as a daily burden and a disaster waiting and begging to happen? It’s a fact that […]

Welcome to the world of natural swimming ponds!

So much nicer than the traditional pool - a living swimming pond by Biotop

If you ask Wikipedia, “A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond (NSP) is a system consisting of a constructed body of water, where the water is contained by an isolating membrane or membranes, in which no chemicals or devices that disinfect or sterilize water are used, and all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological […]

39 quotes to get you out of bed every morning!

    OK, let’s face it! There are some days where you’d really prefer to stay in bed for an extra hour or three and then just lounge around for the rest of the day. Right? We all need and deserve days like that… they’re called rest days, not to be confused with work days! […]