You don’t die from a snakebite… you die from a...

Think Australia. Think animal. Most of us would immediately visualize a kangaroo, wallaby, koala are even those cute living bulldozers called wombats.  After all,...




It's March 2018 and we just found a new organ in our bodies!

Scientists discover new human organ!

We know so much and yet so little. We can land a rover on Mars. We've studied Pluto in astounding detail. We're discovering new...

There’s a floating patch of garbage out there… and you’re probably eating it!

What do 745 blue whales, 12,219 Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and 20,853 hippopotamuses have in common? They weigh the same as the amount of visible (remember that...

25 Positive Things to Say to Your Child

The words that you say today have a life-long impact on your child. You don’t need child experts, or research studies, to tell you that....




Crowded San Antonio classroom

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

Income and wealth inequality is accelerating in all Western nations. It's certainly not a new phenomenon since wealth - and power - has been...
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

The case of the disappearing night:

Or why it's getting harder to see those stars... Change is often imperceptible. It happens day by day so that we don't see apparent differences....
real cause of cold and flu

Down with the flu: Why are you really feeling sick?

Staying healthy and not getting sick is an everyday mantra to most of us. But protecting yourself from the common cold or the flu...


Clever Uses for Clothespins to Make Your Life Easier

Clothespins aren't just for clothes. They have a number of other clever uses, too! A lot of us don't use clothespins anymore since a dryer...
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