Are there 10 million too many people in Australia?

Big corporates and both sides of government are continuing to push the 'endless growth' scenario. Those at the top of the financial tree stand...




How to Make a Room Look Larger

Do you need more space in your home? (Is there any home that doesn't?) Every homeowner wants more of it, and the most common...
The author takes heart in the fact that only 96% of our energy is coming from fossil fuels

Becoming a climate change optimist…

Yes, there are still those willing to deny that global warming is a reality. Why, there are even some people who continue to argue...

New tech can recover 160 BILLION gallons of water annually!

Here's another number that will get your attention... Around 39% of all fresh water usage in the USA is consumed by power plants! And most...




Who’s getting your 40 winks?

The pace of life is accelerating. Most of you have more to do every day and it's taking its toll on your sleep! Except...
Floor Tiles

Get Floored with the Right Tiles

By guest blogger, Lauren Bracy A house looks great when it's well constructed, but it becomes lovelier, even beautiful when its interiors are carefully chosen...

There’s Life in Your Coffee!

Have you ever pondered life over a coffee? It turns out there may be more to life or your coffee than you imagined! Not...


The Caffeine Nap!

Humans are about the only species that is monophasic. If you've never heard the term, you're not alone. It simply means that most of...
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