10 Things You Do Your Dog Struggles To Understand

Dogs and humans have been companions for millennia and while we have evolved continuously together, there are some things we do that are just baffling to man’s best friend. Curious? Here are the ten things humans do that confuses our dogs… 1. Leaving them alone Dogs are very social creatures and they love spending time […]

You Mean My Dog’s Manipulating My Emotions?

Canine or human? Who’s really running the show? As any dog owner will attest, they’re just the best! The best companions, the best workmates, the best protectors, the best babysitters, the best listeners and sympathisers and the very best manipulators of your emotions! Que? Yes, it’s possible that you’re not the master in your relationship. […]

Is it OK to have sex while your pet looks on?

We’ve been there. You’re in the throes of passion. Things have gotten hot and heavy with your partner – a steamy sexcapade is going on. You’re ready for a toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm. And it happens. You lock eyes with your four-legged roommate. He’s staring so deeply into your eyes. He blinks, ever so slowly, seemingly […]