UK Teen Goes Blind on Junk Food

Boy Goes Blind on Junk Food

By the time the boy was 15, he had begun to lose both his hearing and his eyesight. He was not over or underweight, but was gravely malnourished.

This Tree-Planting Drone is now Helping to Restore the World’s Forests!

British engineers have created a seed-planting drone that is now helping to restore some of the world’s forests. BioCarbon Engineering, a start-up based in Oxford, designed the drones to fire seed missiles across fields, planting hundreds in a matter of minutes! The company is currently helping to restore the mangrove forests of Myanmar in collaboration […]

Is Climate Change Pushing Us to a New Eve of Destruction?

Of all the many frightening things on earth, none compares to the devastation brought on by escalating climate catastrophe. Record heatwaves, epic cyclones, rising seas, and declining biodiversity bring to mind the most terrible prophecies of religious text. The earth is writhing in torment — around us and within our minds. Grist for the Feed […]

Selling in Europe? Be Ready for a New Online Security Regulation

It was not too long ago when many were quick to dismiss online shopping as a mere fad.  Very few — if any at all — held on to this assumption for long. Technology spending in the global retail sector has ballooned in recent years. Experts attribute the growth to stronger consumer confidence and the robust […]

Scientists Find Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

The disease usually appears in one’s sixties or seventies. The earliest signs are subtle. They begin with small changes in personality. The first stage sometimes extends over a period of four to five years. Beyond that period, the symptoms are heartbreaking.    Many experts argue that current approaches to treating Alzheimer’s fall short of the […]

Here’s Why You Should Rip Up that Lawn

An organic vegetable garden

How much does the straw in your soda or the plastic cup you’re holding contribute to a problem as colossal as climate change? You want a cleaner, safer world. You care about the environment and you know the decisions you make each day can make a difference. But where does one start? The answer just might be […]

How Big Business Plans to Profit from Global Warming

Heat waves, wildfires and droughts are among the most severe consequences of global warming. But a number of huge corporations have found ways to profit from a warmer world. Can we afford the bill?  By now, we have grown all but numb to the headlines. The storylines about climate change are usually as gloomy as they are […]