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10 Home Safety Tips While on Holidays

We’ve all heard – or even experienced – the horror of families returning from a vacation to find their homes have been burgled, flooded by a burst pipe, or even burned down. Incidences like these often result in expenses that run into many thousands of Euros.

But there are ways to avoid such personal calamities. I have listed a few here. Some of them might require a bit of investment and planning, but they are bound to save you from more expenses in the long run.

Get A Professionally Monitored Home Security System

Modern home security systems are among the best ways to protect your home while you are away. Some systems will allow you to remotely monitor your house. But a home security system monitored by professionals will serve you better if you happen to be somewhere with unreliable data coverage.

Get A System With An Environmental Sensor

Burglars aren’t the only things to worry about. Natural disasters could cause extensive damage to your home when you are away. Security systems with environment sensors can detect slight changes in within your home such as shifts in the moisture level of the air, which might indicate broken pipes. Some systems also come with smoke detectors that will trigger an alarm in the event of a fire or noxious fumes.

Do Not Forget Your Home Insurance

If you are going on an extended vacation, then be sure to update your home insurance. This will protect you in the event of a theft, natural disaster, or any other type of loss and damage. Of course, the extent of your protection depends entirely on the policy you purchase.

If you are not sure just how much home insurance you need, then try comparing home insurance quotes online. The information will allow you to choose the best possible policy within your budget range.

A house fire may start because of a fault or because of vandalism.
A fire may start because of a fault or because of vandalism.

Do Not Announce Your Departure To Everyone

Be discreet about your travel plans. There is no need to announce your prolonged absence on your voicemail, email autoreply, or even social media. However tempting it may be to tell your friends about your vacation, it is always safer to wait until you’ve come back.

If you cannot resist the urge, then you need to make sure that your posts are visible only to friends. Keep the dates and duration to yourself. Do not make changes to your voicemail just because you are going away. If you have to, then this is one of those few times when being vague is actually advisable

Keeping Watch

If need be, you can ask a neighbor, friend, or member of the family to keep an eye on your house. This is possibly the cheapest way to ensure your home’s security in your absence.

Your friend or neighbor should drop by your home occasionally to make sure everything is as it should be. Ask him or her to pick up your mail, too. An accumulation of unopened mail is an obvious indication that nobody is home.

Secure All Access Points

A not so known fact is that burglars prefer a fast hit. Anything that will slow them down will make them lose interest. For instance, a burglar will prefer a weak-looking door or window over a sturdy looking one.

You can deter burglars by installing reliable locks and doors. Visit a DIY store to purchase items you can use to secure your house. You can always talk to one of the salespeople for advice on what is best for your home. Some places even offer a fitting service.

Unplug Electronics

Do not forget to unplug all electrical appliances before leaving home. A lot of home fires usually happen as a result of an electrical surge. Apart from that, turning off the electronics can save you money on electric bills. Locking your garage door will also help keep burglars away.

Do not leave your GPS on when using long-term parking at the airport. It can notify burglars of your absence and even give them a map straight to your house.

Outdoor Security Lights

Thieves prefer darkness over bright light. Darkness conceals them from your neighbors’ watchful eyes. Protect your home by installing security lights in places such as the back door and sides of the house. You can choose motion-activated or timer activated lights to ensure that the lights waste no electricity.

Smart Locks

You can install smart locks so you can remotely access your locks from your smartphone no matter where you are. You can unlock them remotely or even generate temporary access codes. This will help you allow people you trust to enter the house when necessary.

With smart locks, you will also no longer need to keep track of those who have spare keys. You will be in control of those who have access to the house at any given time. In fact, some smart locks require no physical key at all.

Remove All Spare Keys From Hidden Spots

I would never recommend that you stash your keys outside your house. But if you insist on doing so, you should remember to retrieve all of them before you leave town. Your hiding spots are not as clever as you might think.

Burglars have been looking for 'hidden' keys for as long as people have been hiding them.
Burglars have been looking for ‘hidden’ keys for as long as people have been hiding them.

There are a number of smart ways to secure your home. Each one helps you protect your property even as it positively influences your insurance premium.

Good home security not only offers greater piece of mind, it can actually save you money!



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